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Test result questions!!! Kappa???

my rhuemy ran a bunch of RA and Lupus and inflammation test along with ones he didn't mention to me. I requested my results and my doctor wont be in town for a month. I am having a hard time figuring out what some of them are for.
7Has anyone had a Kappa or Lambda light chain test? My Kappa was 432 and range is 74-295. Also my Kappa/Lambda ratio is 2.8 and range is 1.3-2.8. A tad elevated.
Along with these I got a Rheumatoid Factor IgA is 9 range is >6 positive.
my sed rate is elevated at 39, my CRP is elevated and same with my Globulin. All inflammation markers.

My C3 Complement Component was normal same with the C4
I have had a CDC positive IgM for Lyme disease but the doctors think it was just exposure since my IgG was CDC negative with 4 of the 5 positive. Then I had a very general lyme test negative after that.

Has anyone been tested with the Kappa or Lambda or have any info as to what they tell?
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Bump.  Hope someone has an answer for you.
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Thanks no one does so far. Have another rheumy appointment in the morning and an oncology appointment on friday. hopefully some answers then.
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This test is used by hematologists to monitor several disease states and response to treatment; multiple myeloma, non-secreting myeloma, PCD/related plasma cell disorders, AL Amyloidosis.  Have any of these possibilities been mentioned to you?  Apparently these tests have replaced the need for bone marrow biopsies and 24 hr urine studies.

Let us know what the docs tell you......is this the first oncology appt??  Did Rheumy tell you why he was sending you to oncology?
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yeah, he said that I need to go to a oncologist/hemotologist to see why I was making the monocolonal proteins. Appearently, the rhuematologist now thinks that I have early onset Rheumatoid Arthritis, Something that is causing the M proteins, AND another condition to explain the neurological/and bone symptoms. I told the doc that I was a completely healthy 21 yr old active girl! There is no way I have 3 seperate rare for my age conditions, all starting at the exact same time. The oncologist (yesterday) was a bit of a disappointment. I know that what ever is causing my symptoms is not MGUS or Multiple Myeloma, i was just going to him to get that out of the way and diagnosed. But instead he kept talking on and on about black mold being the cause of my symptoms, and that the tests that I did get a positive on were wrong and that maybe I have another condition that made those tests positive, and that I need to see an allergist. Which I suppose it wouldnt hurt, but I wanted him to tell me about why I came to him in the first place.
Anyhow all he said to me was that someone my age should not have these proteins and that he has never seen a case of someone young having MGUS, but he will test me anyhow. So he did a CBC, Metab. panel, immunoglobulins, free Kappa Lambda light chains, serum viscosity, Beta 2 Microglobulins, and serum & urine PEP.

I have a follow up in 4 weeks.

All of my other lupus tests were negative, so I dont think it's lupus anymore. But I certianly dont think it's RA! I have serious bone pain, and abnesia now, and on bad days when my muscles and joints hurt, are the same days I have lots of bone pain. They go together. All the symptoms are caused by one problem and it's either causing the Mproteins or it's completely a fluke that we found that.

I'm going to go see a Lyme specialist one more time. Someone that WONT ignore the positive lyme test. Screw the CDC! (excuse my forwardness) I know it's lyme disease. It's the only thing that makes sence, causes all my problems and started suddenly. It could even cause the M proteins.
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