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homogeneous and speckled pattern to ana testing what does that mean

i have positive ana and both homogenous and speckled pattern what does this mean
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  Thank you for your question, we appreciate your asking.  Your doctor will hopefully soon go over the results with you.  I can give you some information though in the mean time.  First, it would be helpful to know what prompted this testing.  What kinds of symptoms are you experiencing and what has transpired so far with your trying to get answers?  That background information is very helpful to understand the whole picture.  First, you had an ANA test which is a Antinuclear Antibody test for autoimmune disorders including Lupus but others as well.  Since your test was positive in finding antibodies in your blood, this does indicate you may have an autoimmune disorder (an example is rheumatoid arthritis).  Having a positive test could mean you have lupus, another autoimmune disorder OR a virus.  Testing positive doesn't definitively mean you have a disorder.  Sometimes healthy people will have the antibodies in their blood.  You don't mention your age for example.  As we age, we could test positive for antibodies.  Here's a summery of information regarding the ANA test https://medlineplus.gov/lab-tests/ana-antinuclear-antibody-test/.  

Your doctor will likely order a Anti-double-stranded DNA (anti-dsDNA) -- which is also needed to diagnose lupus.

Being speckled and homogenous describe patterns to the antibodies as seen in the test results.  A homogenous or diffuse pattern is typically found in those diagnosed with Lupus.  The same for speckled.  This should not be used though to assume you have lupus as further testing will be required.  Here is a nice summary of these meanings. https://www.hopkinslupus.org/lupus-tests/lupus-blood-tests/

We are happy to help and support you further. All the best.

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Hello.  We wanted to check on you to see if you have any further explanation from your doctor about your test results and where things are at now?  We wish you the best of health.
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