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11 weeks of lyme/babesia update

Wanted to update the forum on treatment of lyme/babesia.  I was stricken with the sickness on Oct 3, 2014 and started treatment about 6 months afterwards.  Been on Zithromax/Mepron/Fish Oil/Artimisae for 11 weeks.  Made improvements until about week 8 when I hit a wall and started regressing.  My primary symptoms are head wooziness/pressure, post nasal drip, sore throat and general fatigue.

Saw doctor today and he says the bugs are either hiding and/or you may have another co-infection like Bartonella causing complications with the treatment and losing its effectiveness.  Note Igenex was positive for lyme and babesia WA-1/ducani but not bartonella.

The doctor has put me on a biofilm protocol consisting of laktoferrin, xylitol powder and mesosilver.  After a few days i'm going to start on A-Bab, Coartem then after a few more days pulse Cefdinir and Tinidazole M,W,F.

Anyone with experience using any of these things?  I read up on them but would love real world stories out there.  Thanks!

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Thank you for the update -- sorry to hear it's not a straight shot from diagnosis to meds to renewed health.  There is not one single treatment approach that all docs agree on, largely because (in my estimation) the medical community is still working on the best way to diagnose and treat -- especially so when the patient has multiple infections as you do and as I did (Lyme and babesiosis were mine), and probably other factors still unclear.

The one thing that seems to affect all of is the that Lyme is tricky, for all kinds of good reasons, and it can take some shifting around of meds and possible diagnoses to finally corner the beast and wipe it out.  It's good news that your doc is listening to you and making mid-course adjustments in your treatment as needed.  

If you find the fatigue or side effects of the meds more than seems reasonable, be sure to contact your doc between appointments to flag for the doc what your symptoms are.  The doc may decide to make adjustments in your meds, but I wouldn't make any changes without the doc's orders to do so.  And if things get worse in a way that seems more than reasonable and you can't reach your doc, please consider going to an 'urgent care' clinic or to an ER/emergency room just to be on the safe side.  

Lyme and its co-infections are complex ailments that can take some adjustment to get diagnosis and treatment just right, so don't be a hero, okay?  Keep us posted -- all good wishes to you.

Hope you continue to progress!  Sometimes it can feel worse for a bit while the infections are being wiped out, but that doesn't happen everyone anyone.
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Sorry that you may now have Bartonella. my igenex test was positive for Lyme and Bartonella but not Babesia, my babesia was diagnosed clinically because my symptoms were so strong. Many co-infections get diagnosed clinically..

I have just started A-Bab. For me all of Byron white formulas make me herx where others don't. I am on lactoferrin with no problems and took tindamax years ago with no major problems.

Wishing you good luck on your new meds.
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