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Did anyone else get an email from ILADS that....

They want us to help train medical doctors about Lyme?  It is a good idea but is unreal that we should train doctors that should know this stuff. Hey, we should get paid like them too. lol
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No, I didn't get an email ... maybe you are on a mailing list for one of their publications.

I'd be willing to participate (maybe), just to spread the word.  At least SOMEbody is trying!
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Yes, go on their website under educational programs. You talk so well about it, that would e great. I am going to do it for sure because these docs do need a few lessons.
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I got it.  I am on their mailing list. They have complained about the very few doctors who are interested in going through it.  I suspect they are trying to beef up the program.
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Couldn't find the right place on the website.  I looked under the ILADS Programs tab, then under 'Educational', but didn't find anything.  Looked a few other places too.  Any other hints?

btw, the website is vastly expanded from what is was not so long ago -- everyone who's interested might take a look -- lots of short articles and videos, it looks like.  All accessible to non-MD types like me.

thanks for the suggestion, mojo!
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You are most welcome!
I think it's an excellent idea and from what I hear they are going to announce it when they get more Lyme warriors, like us. Tally ho!
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Here is the link
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