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How's everyone's labs?

So other than this CD57, my labs look perfect! Of course they do! I'm not an alcoholic or a drug addict, I don't pop pills, I'm not old, I don't smoke anything either! Otherwise, I wouldn't need labs because I'd be feeling real good. I'm sure I'm beginning to look like quite a fool. LOL! Oh well! I don't have many indicators for Lyme disease says the DR. My CD57 is really low, while my other immune test came back fine. Well at least something is off, I just wonder what non-TBI infected people's CD57 runs.  C-reactive protein is low, ESR is low, fibrogen is low, liver enzymes are low, blood counts are about as good as they can get, ect... So I suppose I have NO inflammation!  Well pain is not my primary symptom. I just thought that maybe Lyme toxins induce inflammation. I'm confused!  If the specific part of my immune system that regulates inflammation is down, than I won't have inflammation - right? But I'd need the proper immune test.

DRs never state what they are thinking, and that drives me nuts!

Anyhow, what's off on ya'lls labs? Anything? My luck, I'd pay big money for a IGenex and it'd be falsely negative.  

Thanks in advance!
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I am getting mine done again this month but many things were very abnormal before treatment.  Now my doctor said my blood work show inflammation.

I was under the impression that Lyme causes inflammation too. I know for sure in Bartonella it does. All my lymph nodes were swollen before treatment and have reduced some since.
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I have persistent joint pain, mostly in my knees. It is chronic pain but only really on movement. If I sit I am fine. I have had MRI after MRI and negative. all my routine labs for the most part are good. My CD57 is 44 and my C4a is 4300 and I am positive on IgM and IgG on the Igenex test w/o any co-infections positive at this time. I have been taking teasel root for about three months. I am getting ready to start a round of antibiotics etc to see if the joint pain goes away.
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Thanks for the input!

Other than a CD57 of 5, my labs before treatment were fine.  I don't really think a sed rate of 2 seems totally normal for a female, but maybe it is.  It seems like it could have meaning.  

After three months of treatment, there were odd changes in the labs but still nothing is abnormal.  I didn't improve in that amount of time on abx.  I had unusual pain almost the entire three months!  

We kind of suspect Bart.  Though I wouldn't necessarily be a textbook case.  It just so weird!  Nothing is adding up!  
After treatment I ordered my own c reactive protein and it was < 0.3, so extremely low.    

We have an extremely low CD57 and basically nothing else to go on.

What's a C4a Tee?  I've heard of it but I'm not really sure.  
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C4a is another test to check your immune system.

I have a very low CD-57 and tomorrow I am going for my blood work and the C4a is included.

I read someplace that Dr Burascano now urges others to take that test.
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Thanks mojogal!

I just ordered one online!  That way if it comes back normal as everything always does, The Dr doesn't need to know :)

I think there's a problem with my immune system somewhere outside the CD57, it's just a matter of finding it.  My igg subclass came back normal though.  Have you had one?  
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Have you had your adrenals checked? Also our hormone levels can be messed up affecting our immune system. It wouldn't hurt to check all your hormones too including thyroid.
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Yeah I had my cortisol checked.  It's hard to get an accurate cortisol level because there are so many things that influence the results.

It came back a little high.  I thought it'd be low. So I did it twice and it was high both times.  Thyroid is fine!
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i was on thyroid supplements for a short while (a few weeks or maybe a couple of months?  don't remember) toward the end of my Lyme treatment.  Then all of a sudden, my thyroid revved up and I was wide awake ALL night one night and the next day -- like a rocket ship.  

I figured out pretty fast what it was, and haven't taken any thyroid supps since ... I wanted to taper the dose and go off the supps slowly, but my body wasn't up for that.  Everybody's different, tho.  
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