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I a .91 on a Lyme disease test a possitive or a negative?

I have similar sypmtoms of Lyme disease. I just had a bunch of blood work done because its gotten,to the point every joint in my body hurts. My eyes even hurt!! Anyone a lot of inflamtion on the blood work and I tested .91 on the lyme disease test. Thats all it really gives on that test. The doctor never called me back today so I'm just curious and can't seem to find much in research. Ive seen some say .91 is a positive and some say its a negative. The symtoms and diagnosis over the years would makr complete sense if its Lyme. Has anyone tested positive for like with a .91 reading? If so what should my next steps be? Every day life and a full time job is just almost impossible but the nee sypmtoms are absolutely horrid! I just need some advice and opinions on others and their diagnosis or steps for a diagnosis
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You need to see an LLMD, Lyme literate medical doctor. Even if your doctor diagnosis you with Lyme (doubtful) you will just be given 4 weeks of antibiotics at the most and be told you're cured. You mention having symptoms of Lyme for years so if you do in fact have Lyme, it is chronic Lyme and may take years to treat.
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