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I came to this community to see if this is shingles or something else.

im 22 and was diagnosed with shingles bu urgent care doctors. rash started saturday, small like a bug bite and raised follicles and very itchy.  sunday and money it sayed the same, very itchy, and burned when i applied lotion. Tuesday it eas a bigger patch very bumpy and scabbed in areas, also had small a rash accross my shoulder. wednesday i was diagnosed with shingles and put on anti virals. today  (Thursday) started meds amd rash looks bigger and circular, hard bumps and more red ans burning sensation. is this shingles???? i have other medical issues,  sever iron deficiency amenia, hydronephrosis of kidney, bladder issues, ect ect. i posted pictures on my profile.
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I don’t know the answer, but I hope someone here can help you. Knowing your history, since you are my niece, and all of your health related issues always pointing towards Lyme Disease, I think this is the best community to post your questions.  If you could, maybe you could share some more  information about your long battle with symptoms and diagnosis’ , someone could fit the pieces to the puzzle together for you.  :) <3
Also, pictures of the rash are located in her profile.
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