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Is Doxi a good treatment for Lyme?? I have started a 21 day course.

I  tested positive for Lyme last week. I have had sever joint and muscle pain, bad enough so at the end of the day when I stop, I feel like rigor mortis has set in.....is this caused from Lyme??? I can barely walk and my body hurts all over, especially if I'm real active during the day.
I think I may have had this for sometime, PA kept telling me it was arthritis. In the meantime I would watch other people my age and no one seem to have the same issues I have.
I have had some brain fog and dizziness but blamed it on aging, stress or being very busy. I work out all week and we have a beef farm as well.
I have always just pushed through.....now its hard for me to get out of bed in the morning as far as drive goes and that is not me.
Any advise or comments would be greatly appreciated...
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Hello.  So wondering why arthritis doesn't seem possible to you?  If you have worked out all day and work on a beef farm, you may have taken quite a toll on your joints over the years.  Do you take any medication for arthritis and does it help?  

That's not to say it isn't lyme as that is also a symptom of lyme's Disease.  All the things you list are potential symptoms but the problem is that they are symptoms of other things too.  Did you ever have the rash associated with Lyme's that you can remember?  What does your doctor say? Are they willing to do testing on you?

It sounds like your doctor must also suspect lyme's disease and they've prescribed a long course of doxycycline to treat it. That's good and hopefully will work. Remember to take the doxy with a big glass of water and not right before you are going to lay down( can cause esophagus problems).  

I hope this resolves for you.  What you describe sounds truly miserable!
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How is the doxi going?  When did you start that by the way?
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