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Just started Doxy treatment for Lyme plz help!

So for the past few months I have been dealing with weird health problems. I have had sleep interruptions, memory problems, panic attacks, muscle fatigue, muscle twitches, sensitivity to light and eye floaters. And other weird symptoms. I saw a neurologist and they ruled out MS and other problems and told me I just have anxiety. Finally I realized I may have gotten infected with Lyme on a camping trip 9 months back. I saw an infectious disease specialist and he is skeptical that I have Lyme but put me on a 28 day course of doxy 100 mg twice a day. I am a week in and haven’t improved. Will doxy work or has it been too long since I’ve been infected? I’m desperate to get better I had to quit my summer internship cause I feel so ill physically and mentally.
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Wanted to check in and see how you are doing?
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Feeling the same unfortunately. Not sure where to turn now. The doctors can’t figure any of it out and think I am fine
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Hello Sirjdoran.  It's been some time and again, would like to hear an update.  I think if you 'aren't fine' that doctors need to continue to work on finding out why even if the answer isn't clear cut.  Lymes disease is like this.  

We'd like to support you and have other forums as well that you will find members posting to help each other. Let me know how we can help.
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