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LLMD, or LLND is needed near Pittsburgh,PA pleaseeeee

Please I am desperate for a Lyme doctor LLMD or LLND.. .. I prefer if he takes insurance cause can't afford too much money
I live in Pennsylvania, in a city called johnstown . Zip code : 15905 .. I can go a bit further for a good one .. I can travel up to one hour if there is one in Pittsburgh, pa for example or Altoona, pa ..

Please help
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Also, how do you usually find good naturopath, functional medicine doctors...those usually don't advertise about their practices ?
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I'd suggest you search online for

                -- pittsburgh pa lyme --

You will get quite a few links and leads to Lyme specialists.  If you can find a local group similar to this one we are on now, that could be a good source.  

There may also be a Pennsylvania Lyme association that can give you leads too.

I don't know anything about naturopaths, but if you search

     -- pittsburgh pa lyme naturopath --

or something similar, you might get lucky.
About payment, if you have insurance but your Lyme doc doesn't accept any insurance, you can do what many of us do:  pay the Lyme doc out of pocket (meaning you pay it yourself) and the doc gives you a detailed receipt that you can then submit to your insurance company.  

That's what I did and the insurance company paid quite a lot of the costs, as well as all the costs of antibiotics.
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