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My Story..

I got a job working as a tire and battery tech, weaks later i feel awfulll. i had no idea what was going on, throwing up in the bathroom. burning in my chest, tired, sore.. started going into work late n what not. then i noticed a bug bite on the back of my leg where the knee bends. alright its an infected bug bite, red and raw. so i go to the e.r. and the nurse and the doctor take a look.. "i dont think its a tick bite" parrrDUN ME.. ******* SHOULD OF TESTED ME. which they didnt. infected bug bite, take this go home. doctor looked at it for a moment said that n left. noticed the infection was going away... later on the red rash was crawling day after day twords my manhood. te.he. so i got back and THEN! they tested me for lymes. they told my father over the phone i had it. not me. so my father calls me at work n tells me. they send a script to the pharmacy for treatment. feeling like **** the hole time. lost my job i had for not even 2months, lost my truck i just bought with my brother and sisters money. couldnt pay them back for it. told my job they didnt help. which i think i got the tick from being on the job. outside on my break. "still on the clock" so sense 2010 iv gone to the e.r. trying to get help. on and off going there being sent home with no help at all. one time the dr tried to give me benadryl to help me sleep? ????? after i told him all the **** that was wrong with me. 5 times asking me "why are you here" what made you come in tonight" repeating the same ****. pissed me off. after he got me the script i crumpled it up and threw it in the trash. as im talking to the nurse is this guy ******* stupid? never been so pissed off in my life.. iv gone back this year on and off looking for help. nothing.... NOTHING>! are you ******** me? iv made dr appointments at another hospital. she told me it goes away. i try to tell her what the deal is. whats going on with me. yea but it goes away she says. ha.. REALLY??? im 23 and feel like a 90 year old man with to many issues. no health, no money, lost my life. slowly took my life away. i watched everything.. watching it slowly stripping my life away. job.. truck...my gf.. fell in love again. got a job got a car with help... forced myself to man up to the mother ******* table and be a man. it caught up to me.. lost my job, lost my car, my love... took my brother almost 3 years to understand what im going through. i found a video on youtube and sent it to him. Lonely man talking about lymes ' how it took his life away.. starts to cry as he says how it makes you feel this  |---|  big. then my brother kind of yano.. stoped calling me a loser with no job money being supported by my gf. at the time' and now. i got a new boo and eat her food, smoke her cigs. feel like complete ****. then i go home with mom n dad n my nephew. my brother let me have it thinking im just a lazy ***. understandable but took awhile to have him understand me. im a people person, everyone loves me. you cant be in a room with me without laughing your *** off or at least breaking out a smile. im strong, look like a big football player 6'1 258lbs and getting smaller. i love to love. love to make people smile. great worker, i have great work exp. i should be a manager running crews remodeling houses or running a kitchen or a walmart store manager. money car house kids family. my mom cant work. phobia's.. my father been handicap sense i was a baby. bad back, been trying to get disability for over a year now i think. court said they need a doc of him being disabled. sent him home. then they do it weaks later after the 2nd court date. which idk whats going on now its been awhile. hes a pro at what he does. home repairs and remodeling. for mostly older people or people who are broke and cant pay alot. which he makes little to no money. but hes getting out cant to it anymore. im telling this story because i think someone might be able to help. my mom cant be alone.. panic attacks bla bla. goraphobic* cant leave the house unless its with a family member. sometimes thats not good enough. to many people in the stores on friday, which my father does all that but theres no way we could get her out on a payday. a person was supposed to tend to her and be around but it never happend. the last time i went to the e.r i tryed to sing myself in saying i might kill myself, but i didnt say that. just said how depressed i was. thinking ok if i do this i'd get hooked up with health insurance. maybe disability yeah buddy!. didnt happen. they sent me home. which b4 i seen the lady telling her whats wrong with me. i was getting blood work done. talking to the nurse n dr about how i feel and needing help not knowing what to do. my bill is close to a thousand. i have nothing to show for how many times iv been to the e.r or the dr appointments iv made. i just applied for medicaid today, need to go to the office at the 17th to actually do it i guess.. i called someone on the phone and made an aptmnt. i get so depressed, always have to **** right after i eat something, diarrhea.. insomnia, mood swings, never want to do anything, i get forgetful, forgot what i ate for dinner yesterday. off the top of my head i couldnt tell you unless i think for awhile. cant stay in the sun to long, seems as if i get heartburn, burning in my chest and throat. when i do finally fall asleep i cant get out of bed due to how sore i am. so i pray i fall back asleep and i usually do. 4am-1-3pm. i wake up like yea i woke up!!! but i cant move.. so i toss n turn, wake up fall back out. over n over. hands n arms get numb, i cry over stupid **** from a move.. like a little girl. not cry cry but i tear up. depression. paused for a bit here... took my life away. i been unmade.. im always sore, my back. some days worse then others. but im always sore. hands are kinda getting numb right now. last two dr appointments my blood pressure was so wack they tested it... "no lie" at least 15 times the first time. when i went to the e.r. then 6-8 times at a dr appointment weaks later. one ninety something over something idk.. i google symptoms and im like ok i got that.. i gotttt that. that that.. mhm that too. this *****. i have a broken tooth in that back. 2nd one in on the right. cap came out top left with a piece of tooth 2nd one in from the back. whats post a poll? idk.. im sick of this ****, i should be able to sew the job i was working for, the hospital.. how many times do i need to shout for help in their face before i get it? talking to a guy on the phone about help with medical bill and telling me they help with disability. telling him whats wrong with me and he asked me if i got treated. "nice guy" well* why didnt they help you* why arnt they helping you* did you tell them* not sure if i said it but il be 24 on the 26th of this month. sorry for cursing. honestly. just my story :/  someone found me on facebook i found a lymes page. told him if i hit the lotto il buy a big mansion and have all of us live there. sticking together no one will be alone and everyone will understand how each other feel. things to pass the day with activitys and what not. because we want to do things, but we dont want to leave our bedrooms. idk.. i wish you all the best. ***@**** Joe Turino facebook friendly. facebook has last names and emails. i was just reading do not enter your last name email bla bla.. no one cares. if anything il be called a dumb ***. be pitied, helped, understood, or have a new fb friend. shoot me? JOSEPH ANDREW TURINO sorry.. my lymes disease has me a little ****** and on the smart *** upset mood. and it may of made someone smile. i like to make people smile remember ^ or um.. "i hear by note that i take responsibility for typing my name" idk. later peoples!!
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I read your post (with difficulty!...we Lymies need more space and paragraphs to read long posts!).  I am so sorry about your situation.  It is awful.  And it isn't fair. You are one more person whose life has been upended by the ignorance of doctors and the "three weeks of doxycycline" policy that has failed so many people (I assume that's what you took).

Definitely apply for Medicaid. You could get a regular doctor who can help you with the sleep and depression issues (and believe me, that helps a lot!) .

You might try an herbal protocol to see what kind of improvement you can get. It might eventually get you to the point that you could start working again, which could enable you to pay for oral antibiotics.

Also, start reading up on what others say about improving your health. Diet and supplements can make a really big difference.  You have every right to be angry. I encourage you to turn your anger against the bugs inside you and do everything you possibly can to thwart them.  You are too young to give in to this!

I remember how horrible it felt at my sickest, and I know it was hard for me to focus or do much of anything. I ended up having to re-read almost everything I read in the couple months because I couldn't absorb or remember most of it.  But the nuggets I got were really helpful.  

For example, many Lyme patients report feeling better when they go gluten free. I remembered gluten free, and I did it. And I felt better!  Eliminate alcohol and junk food. Try to take naps. Stay connected with people who understand what you're going through.

Hang in there!
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Sorry to hear you are going through a rough time.  Many of us here have too.

I would suggest you find a Lyme specialist for a consultation and see what the doc says.  It takes a doc with that particular point of view to understand what other docs overlook.

Good luck to you.
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So sorry that you are I'll and experiencing the "Lyme doesn't exist" atittude that most of us have been through.

It's important to find a LLMD, Lyme literate Doctor. Go to ILADS dot org and read up on things. While you are there email them and ask them for an LLMD near you.

There is a foundation called lymetap that gives grants for young adults to get their testing done at igeneX labs which is the only lab in the country that will give you correct results. Once you have a diagnoses you can go to the limelight foundation which has grants for young adults to pay for an LLMD.

Good luck and keep us posted.
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"cant get out of bed due to how sore i am. so i pray i fall back asleep and i usually do. 4am-1-3pm. i wake up like yea i woke up!!! but i cant move.. so i toss n turn, wake up fall back out. over n over. hands n arms get numb, "

you are not alone.. Igenx. wait get abx..it just takes so long because you start believing the docs when they say, lupus, fibro ms.. and all that time we could be getting the treatment we really need.

i am broke, spent everything i had, working on maxing out my credit cards  woo hoo.. not.

when i get well i am going to advocate. Lyme and co infections exist and the gov. and ins. co do not want to so anything about it1

takes lives down the toilet .. getting ABX is like asking for morphine..

what a bunch of dumb **** some dr.'s are.. i met 8!

you are not alone!
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