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Need LLMD in VA

HI everyone
I have been diagnosed

2bands reactive in IGM and all bands non reactive in IGG. SO I went to infection disease specialist , he said he doesnot want to treat me for lyme (because i have nonreactive in IGG). What the hell I have pains in my joints( even facial bones ) since 7 months .

I have 4 year old girl I am worried about her

Please any one help me to find good LLMD in Mclean or vienna or Fairfax or Fallschurch in VA.

I feel like I am dying everyday.
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Welcome to medhelp.  I am very sorry to hear how you are feeling.  

From what I read, an IgM antibody reaction takes place first after infection, and then the immune system begins to produce IgG antibodies, but it is not a fixed time, and one expert has written that because Lyme is a chronic disease, he does not expect it to progress from one to the other in a rigid form.  Unfortunately, many MDs do expect that progression, as your MD did.  In truth, our symptoms are all over the place.

I have also read that any reaction on the IgG/IgM tests should be taken seriously, and I am glad that you are pursuing this.

Because LLMDs are often harrassed by local and state medical boards in some areas, we do not post LLMD names in the open here, but someone may be able to send you a recommendation through the private message function on this website.  If you get a message, it will show up in the upper right corner of this screen as "Inbox (1)".  Click on it and it will take you to the message.

Here are some websites, which may have a referral function to find an LLMD:

lymediseaseassociation [dot] org
truthaboutlymedisease [dot] com
lymenet [dot] org
chroniclymedisease [dot] com

Also, you can try ilads [dot] org, which is the main group for LLMDs.  I don't know if their referral function is operating, but there may be something there to help you.

Also try googling/searching for "LLMC Fairfax VA" or similar searches and see what you get.  While LLMDs don't usually advertise themselves as such, they are findable.  

When you find an LLMD, take your existing test results with you, because it may be helpful to your LLMD.  I always keep copies at home of all test results, because once things get lost in a doctor's office, they are gone for good, and sometimes they are helpful down the line.

We all wish you well -- please stay in touch and let us know how you do.
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The tests are dubious.  A good Lyme doc knows to use symptoms, patient history, and other "big picture" factors in conjunction with testing.  

I send you a message through MedHelp, you should be able to view it by going to "inbox" up and to the right of the page.
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