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For those of you undergoing treatment or have been helped with treatment, please leave a comment on this article!  This is the second article in The Post in less than 3 months that has either directly put a negative spin
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.... on Lyme treatment or the comments are ignorant!  Your comments could help anyone out there seeking help, but getting misinformed.  

Thank you!
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That's a good idea to ask for people to present their knowledge about Lyme on an obviously slanted article.

The New York Times and the Washington Post are no friends of the real Lyme disease, so it's not surprising what their topics about Lyme are comprised of. The Land of Denial.

I'm trying to find out who contributes money (in large amounts) to the owners/editors of those papers. I know I've seen a site like that somewhere, but where it is I can't remember.

About.com was acquired by the New York Times. I looked for Lyme disease on their site (it was hidden) and found the usual CDC pap about Lyme, the same as the NYT likes to present. Suprise!

Plus this!!!!!!
" A small percentage of patients do not recover from Lyme disease following antibiotic therapy; they may require use of anti-inflammatory drugs or surgery for relief of symptoms."

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Hey GF,

I read the Washington post even though I am not up there anymore and I was furious about this.

Now that the law was passed in Va requiring any doctor that gives a  Lyme test, to notify patients that a negative test result,  doesn't mean anything, you would have thought they would have been more aware. The Lyme May Day in DC should build awareness but obviously these people are Lyme unaware.

Thanks for bringing this up.
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