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No help for my lyme

I was diagnosed  year  ago lyme      had 2 months  rocephin  iv antibiotics     2 months  ago I was still  very sick  actually  worse much  worse      went to another  infectious  diseases  doc she told me nothing can do for me     I tested a higher number then the first  time  and I can't get any one  to help. My primary  wants to test n me for lupus as I have butterfly  red face and extremely  bad crusty  rashes  on hand  and arms     can't get out  bed alway  headache  depressed  and short of breath just having  conversations       so tired and mind us mush.  Please help
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PS -- I'm not medically trained, but rocephin may not have been the right medicine for whatever infections you have.  Your instinct to keep pushing ahead to find out what is wrong is *excellent*!  

Good for you!  Let us know how you do.  
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I have 2 months of Rocephin too and left me worse than ever.
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Welcome to MedHelp -- and very sorry to hear about all you are going through.  Good for you for pressing ahead to find out what is wrong and how to take care of it!

The medical profession is still confused about Lyme and the other infections the 'Lyme' ticks also carry, which makes more confusion for the MDs.

Because there is a split in the medical community about how serious Lyme disease is (or is not), we do not post the names of any MDs here on this site, to keep the medical board in your area from bothering the MDs who *do* diagnose and treat Lyme aggressively.

I just did a search online for

     --     lyme disease doctors poughkeepsie    --

and there were some very interesting leads you should consider calling for an appointment.  Lyme is all over NY, so there are a number of MDs in that area who understand how to diagnose and treat Lyme.

Not all Lyme doctors take insurance, because the insurance companies are also confused about how serious Lyme is or is not, but there seems to be a silent agreement in some areas that the insurance company will not talk about Lyme and at the same time let the Lyme MDs treat the patients as the MD believes is correct.  This happens all over the country, not just where you are.

There are other Lyme specialist MDs near your location who are well known in the medical world, so I would do a little reading (or ask a friend to) locate these docs.  I will try to send you a separate message through this website with the name of one of the well-known Lyme MDs near you -- if he doesn't have room on his schedule, his office may recommend someone.

Take care, and let us know how you do, okay?  I had Lyme, and I am fine now, after treatment.  All the best to you!  
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