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Sound sensitivity

Please help...I am in limbo with finding a good doctor for treatment. I am awaiting more tests/blood results and then I will decide on a doctor. In the meantime, I am starting to experience really bad sound sensitivity. I find everyday sounds are beginning to drive me nuts. I can not tolerate certain sounds anymore, and most times I have to leave the room. This seems to be getting worse. I feel like I am going crazy. Please tell me that this will get better when I start treatment...I am scared because I have noticed the past few weeks my symptoms are getting more and more hard to handle.
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Hi Eri22,

I was just dx with lyme in January.  I also am having bouts of sound sensitivity.  It comes and goes.  When awoke this morning, I knew that it was going to be a rough day because I noticed it right away.  For me, it comes and goes.  My husband just today asked me if I wanted to go to a Sharks playoff game tomorrow and I said no, it would be too loud.  

Have you been dx with Lyme?  There are others on the board who have sound sensitivity as well.  I hate it.  Sometimes I have difficulty being in the same room with my husband and son.  When my son starts whistling, I go crazy, my husband pops his gum, it drives me crazy to no end and makes my anxiety shoot through the roof.

I do think that once you get treatment, you will see that start to get better.

Good Luck and keep us updated!

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Thank you Carrie, it is awful. Sometimes I find myself screaming at my kids..I can not be in the same room with them. Just my husband breathing at night makes me crazy. I have to have him roll over - I want to crawl out of my skin. This diagnosis process is so annoying...I was dx on the Igg Igenex blood tests, but I am seeing an Infectious disease doctor who wants to run his own tests. He does not believe in the Igenex test. I am going to him b/c it is in network and the only doc covered, I know I am just spinning my wheels from what I have read online. After 5 years of symptoms/a diagnosis of hodgkin's lymphoma you think someone would just give me a answer 100%. I know this probably contributed to my lymphoma b/c it was never treated and suppressed my immune system.

From what I have been reading, I am going to have to pay out of pocket for an LLMD, since i have no out-of network benefits. Can anyone give pointers/advice on this?? I know that this is probably a lost cause...I wish there was an easy solution - but I know that many are in my shoes with this disheartening circumstance. If I need treatment for over a year does anyone know how much I can potentially be in the hole for?? I am fearful of 30k+??? Please share any experiences on this if you can so kindly?

Happy to know that it comes and goes! It seems to be a flair this week. I am so thankful there is hope!
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If you search "lyme hyperacusis", you will find information that might help.

About the billings, no easy answers.  You can ask your doc for a payment plan, or a fee reduction for compassionate reasons.  For me it came down to paying out of pocket for treatment that worked vs cheaper treatment that was going nowhere.  No brainer of a decision for me, and I've no regrets.

Good luck with the ID doc.  The one I saw lives in an alternate universe.

Best wishes --
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