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Two IgG bands positive... lyme?


I ordered my own lyme western blot test, and IgG p41 and p39 came back positive.  All other IgG, and all IgM negative.

Does that suggest lyme?  From what I understand, the p41 is positive in everybody, but the p39 is specific to lyme.
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I don't know that 41 is positive in everyone, but 39 is (from what I read) specific to Lyme, meaning only the presence of Lyme will give a positive on that band.

And note that not all home diagnostic kits are created the same ... so I would see a Lyme specialist without delay.  

Let us know what you find out, okay?  When it comes to Lyme, sooner is better.  All good wishes!
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PS -- I should also have added:

There is a newer, different test for Lyme, called a polymerase chain reaction [PCR] test that Lyme specialists often use in addition to the Western blot and ELISA tests.  

The Wblot/ELISA tests rely on your immune system reaction to determine whether you have a positive (+) test or a negative (-) test for Lyme.  Sounds solid, but it turns out that the Lyme bacteria can suppress your immune system, with the result that the Wblot/ELISA tests showing negative ('no Lyme infection') could be wrong, and you could indeed have Lyme.

There is a newer test called PCR, short for 'polymerase chain reaction'.  Instead of looking for your immune system's reaction (as ELISA/Western blot do), the PCR test looks for the direct presence of the Lyme bacteria's DNA.  The PCR test is far more accurate (so I read) than the (indirect) Wblot/ELISA tests.

Some (even many?) docs still use the older Wblot/ELISA tests, which are useful if they are positive ('you have Lyme'), but they are not reliable [so I read] if the tests are negative ('we don't see any evidence of Lyme.')

Having any positive reaction to the Lyme test you had would cause me to go straight to an MD who specializes in Lyme, but you may be comfortable your current non-LLMD doc.  Even if your current doc treats you with antibiotics, the doc may not approach the treatment like a Lyme doc would ... and that would for me indicate a huge difference.  Just a thought.  

All good wishes -- keep us posted on how you do, okay?
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