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Wry neck in Lyme disease!?!?!

Ok guys and gals.  Do any other Lymies suffer with Wry Neck (Australian?????? I don't know if it is called anything else around the globe)  where the muscles in your neck lock up and it causes excruciating pain to move your head??  My hubby has rubbed it with Dencorub (heat  sports rub), I have taken a NSAI, taken a hot bath whilst simultaneaously doing some stretching, kept it moving, applied heat packs, watched funny movies (ouch...laughing and sneezing or coughing a big no no!).  Is there anything else I could be doing to speed up the recovery of this...please???
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I have a very stiff neck which I see a very good chiropractor for. The stiff neck is put in traction and essentially pulled very gently which helps but the neck can directly cause other parts of the body to be in pain. I have found seeing a "neurological" chiropractor (there are only 300 or so in the country) extremely helpful. She is also a certified acupuncturist that does help also.
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I'm sure someone here has (or has had) this too.  Everyone is a bit different in how the bugz affect them.  Maybe someone can give a suggestion on how to beat the little beggars into submission.
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I have Aussie Lyme and I have not had neck problems.  I have heard of others, though, and it is on my doc's symptom checklist that I fill out for every appointment.

Neck problems can be either the connective tissue (Lyme loves connective tissue) in the neck or it can be skeletal. The woman who wrote "Cure Unknown" described her husbad's Lyme neck as sounding like a bowl of Rice Crispies ("Snap, crackle, pop")

I would guess that heat is a good remedy. Lyme doesn't like heat. I used a heating pad for my abdominal pain and rib pain for months as it did ease the pain.
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Thanks! I'll see if I can track a neurological chiropractor  down in Australia.  :-)
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can also be a sign of the co-infection Bartonella
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Thanks for that.  I didn't know....I can't remember is they tested me for that one or not.  I will ring my LLMD and double check. :-)
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