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sarasota dr

Does anyone know a LLMD in Sarasota area?
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Where is Sarasota?
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Welcome to MedHelp Lyme --

I just searched online for

  -- florida lyme disease association --

and got quite a few interesting hits.  Local or state association websites can be very helpful places when it comes to finding a good Lyme specialist in your area.

In addition, I would email to

   contact [at] ILADS [dot] com

and ask for names of Lyme specialists within [x] miles of Sarasota FL.  ILADS [International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society] is the main voluntary group for MDs who understand Lyme as something more than a minor inconvenience, and ILADS can give you names of LLMDs.  Not all Lyme specialists are members of ILADS, but many are.

As with any doc, if you get one that doesn't quite suit you, then see another till you find a good fit.  There may also be Lyme associations in your local area, so a search for

  -- lyme disease sarasota --

may also bring up something.  

If none of that works, let us know and we'll brainstorm further.  

Best wishes -- !
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and PS, I just did one more search online for

-- sarasota llmd --

and got quite a few hits as well, tho some of them are rather old -- it's still a place to start.  Some of the hits are links to websites like this one, so there is a lot of activity out there.  If it's all overwhelming (as Lyme can make so many things seem), ask a friend to help do the search and figure out how to approach the sorting process.

If it's important that the LLMD take your insurance, be sure to ask when you call the doc's office to see if s/he is taking new patients, because some LLMDs don't take insurance (so that they don't have to hire a platoon of billing clerks to deal with the insurance companies).  

If your chosen LLMD does not take insurance (as mine did not), the office should give you a suitable bill to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.  My insurance co. never blinked or questioned, and reimbursed me without any problem for an 'out of network' doc visit and lab work and meds.  
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and PPS, hang in there!  Stop by and let us know how you're doing.  :)

Lyme is a misery, but worth fighting.  In many ways, the hardest part for me was getting the diagnosis.  After that, treatment was straightforward and I am fine today, now some five years after treatment was completed.  
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Hi, my doctor is in Sarasota. PM me and I will send her name.
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Mojo comes through!!  :)  Yay!
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Thank you Jackie!
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Thank you everyone for all of your support. I'm new to this site so I was not seeing all the responses. I have had lyme 19 years and it keeps rearing its ugly little head. I will go anywhere in Sarasota area..
Thanks again!
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i live in sarasota as well and most likely have had lyme and coinfections for 30 yrs. I am also looking for a dr in the area-have you found one?
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Welcome to MedHelp Lyme --

I don't recall that 'pepjo' has posted again since 2 months ago, but you could try these approaches:

1 -- hover over pepjo's name in the "To:" line in your message sent to pepjo.  A box will open up and you can click on 'send message' to send pepjo an email that will be forwarded to pepjo's personal email.  Then she can come here and reply to you.


2 -- also send a similar message to mojogal, whose name you will find above in this same message thread.  She sent the name of her Sarasota Lyme doc to pepjo, and might well share it with you too.  mojogal checks in here fairly often, but do send her a message as well.

Good luck!
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Hi, I too live in Sarasota & searching for a good Dr that understands chronic Lyme.  ( when my eyes are up to it ).    I called mojogal's Dr today for an appointment.   But I do want to see others just to hear what they have to say about treatments.  There is another in Port Charlotte, but he has good & bad reviews.  NOTE: I haven't seen any of them yet.  I just got my test results back this week.  I ordered them myself & my gen. Dr. signed it for me.   Boy was he shocked when they can back pos.  My first test was neg. 7yrs ago.  He kept telling me I was depressed.  
   But I found an interesting place today  in Tampa,  but I want to investigate it further.  
    The SHEA MEDICAL CENTER.   Dr. Charles Schwengel. LLMD
But,  I saw a red flag, when I couldn't  find any feedback from patients.  ( I'm sure I'm not looking in the right place)  

I found a site called,  " Quack Watch/Lyme ".    Where a Dr. lied about his success rate in treating Lyme.   Can't trust everything you read or are told, unfortunately.  

Good luck to everyone
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Please do not put MD's names in posts here.  While individual docs may not object, there are many who do, because of the pressure LLMDs are under in a number of states not to treat Lyme aggressively.

We don't need to hand a roadmap to the witchhunters, so please use private messages through this site for that purpose.

Thank you.
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