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Help with doctors and MSK

I was diagnosed with msk after 4 years of kidney stones and pain. Now  I was on a pain management plan with my family doctor and all of a sudden he decided to take me off of my meds and said there is no pain associated with msk. I need help what do I do? Where do I start? My doctors don't seem to want to help. Anybody have suggestions?
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Also I live in Western PA.
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Hi there, I have been living diagnosed with MSK for about a year, looking back, I think I have had this for many years.  THERE IS DEFINATELY PAIN WITH MSK!  Don't ever think the pain and complications are in your head.  While many complications and pain management problems are similar with many people, from my out point, you may have many symptoms that may be specific just to you, depending on if you have any other health issues.  I am still learning, but so far, this is the BEST site for help, advice and friends.  Don't give up!
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Thank you! I'm not giving up yet! What do you do about your doctors. They will not listen to me about my pain and push me of on other doctors. They tell me that the pain is not from the msk and that my body is addicted to the meds and to go without it. I live in a small town with not many doctors. I'm frustrated!
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Hi welcome .. we are in startup phase here .. the regular community is here and may be able to help you until we really get up and running here!

Stop by please



Pls stop by . And visit our health pages area on top right hand side .. there's a super article about Why Do I Have Pain, yet no Stones!
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I am soo sorry for some reason this forum does not come to me daily like the others and I missed this!  Do come by our other forum with the healthpages and also pm me for more info or articles to send to your doctor!  We can post e-mail addy's on the open forum for protection, so send me your e-mail address and REMIND ME who you are and what you need, I talk to a lot of patients even daily with several different illnesses.

Again I am so sorry I am having my own issues and have not checked in here like I should....but please contact me directly and I will help you all I can!


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