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Need help with Genetic Genie Results - 10 years of brain symptoms

Hi all,

I’ve just got my 23andme interpretation from Genetic Genie as was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on treatments and potential issues. I’m pretty much a newbie when it comes to MTHFR. I’ve had 10 years of symptoms which are mostly brain / cognitive related and weakness in the left hand side.

I’m now 31 and have tried various diets and various treatments for suspected Lyme disease but with no luck.

What does all this mean?

Any thoughts would be great!



CBS C699T"+/+"
VDR Taq"+/+"
MAO-A R297R"+/+"


MTHFR A1298C"+/-"
COMT V158M"+/-"
COMT H62H"+/-"
VDR Bsm"+/-"
MTR A2756G"+/-"
MTRR K350A"+/-"


MTHFR C677T-/-
MTHFR 03 P39P-/-
MTRR A66G-/-
MTRR H595Yno call
MTRR R415Tno call
MTRR A664A-/-
BHMT-04no call
AHCY-02no call
COMT P199P-/-
CBS A360Ano call
CBS N212Nno call
SHMT1 C1420Tno call
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