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37 wk checkup

So I went to my 37 wk checkup and for the first amazing time my lil man is not measuring large. He estimated weight is about 7.5lbs so far and no further dialation. Looks as tho I just may make it to the 22nd for the scheduled c-section but in saying that we didnt expect my other two lil men at 37wks but there they came. His measurements are all great which is great. Just a lil longer and all our angels will be here and for me I cant wait cuz the further I go the more I hurt...lol.

Hang in there ladies cuz they r all coming very soon!!!
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Awesome news!!! Your little one will be here soooo soon!!!! My tummy is measuring 3 weeks big so they are going to do an ultrasound on Tuesday to see if it is the baby or fluid that is making it measure like that... I am sooooooo ready!!
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I am glad everything is going well for you!!! they say my angel is measuring large also but at least she turned back into birthing position :) i am dialated 2 cm now. I go back to the doct on Tuesday. I hope everything goes well with your c section and you will be in my prayers.
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