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Bleeding after cervix check

Yesterday my OB checked my cervix to find that I am 1 centimeter dilated. He told me I would have some bleeding after probably since I was bleeding a bit when he did it. Well I expected like some lighr bleeding but I have had quite abit. Its dark brown (which I know means old blood) but also a little think and clotty. It has been about 18 hours since then and I am still having this.

Has anyone had there cervix checked yet??? Has anyone else experienced anything like this???
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I have been having my cervix checked every week for the last 2 or 3 weeks. My doct doesn't do an open vaginal exam he just does the finger thing and i havent had anything happen. I don't think you have anything to worry about but i would still call my doct to make sure.
Good Luck!!
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rbohl01 - I did the same thing with my second son. It was more showy than normal because within the same time I was checked I also experienced the "bloody show". I remembered it scared the "begeezers" outta me. Everything turned out to be ok but doc said to watch for contractions coming regularly, pain and to monitor baby movements (which are less now that the lil ones have less room to move) just in case labor was starting but it stopped with me and I had no returning symptoms as I had a c-section just days after this happened. Good luck and am hoping all is well!
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I haven't dealt with this in the pregnancy, but with my daughter I had this towards the end after getting checked.  I wouldn't worry about it and it should stop.  You're close enough to the end that even if having your cervix checked caused it to change some more it really isn't much reason for concern.  In the next few weeks you'll be welcoming that bit of blood and even the cramping that comes after being checked because it's just getting you that much closer to having Lyla!!
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i am considering having mine checked tomorrow at my 37 week appointment, but i am hesitant for this very reason! i know it is concerning to see the blood, but baby is fine, i am certain. were you instructed to rest until the blood goes away? i think brown blood, even thick-looking and clotty is okay. from my understanding, you only need to check in with your doctor if you see fresh red blood in great amounts. i would check in with your OB anyway, just for peace of mind :) please keep me updated.
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