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Need help in trying to figure out my lab work

I have a lab called Solaris or quest diagnostics, and I usually have about 19 test ran, however this time there is 25 test. One is a PMP 15 panel... I looked it up and for days I've tried to figure out in a way I'd understand what and LC MS/MS, test is testing. I know it's my levels, but I don't understand how they test them. Does the Lab use my Urine or Blood to get the data? It also looks like it's a system that my results will be put in a data base, and it's cause of PAIN MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS!! The war on Pain Medicine is out of control!! Nobody wants to prescribe opiates because of the media, and fear of losing their licenses. I went to over 7 counties trying to get my prescription filled and was given a bunch of BS answers about all these new laws. My girlfriend worked in a pharmacy until just recently taking a new job after it was robbed 3x in a month. She told me that all my data was stored and any physician or pharmacist could see everything I filled and when, where, and who had prescribed me what. I feel like this is profiling people and labeling people that take opiates. They don't know why or what I'm going through or how my pain situation is. It's like theirs an threshold that applies for everyone. Advil will probably be a Class 3 drug before the end of the decade. I'm getting off the topic Sorry!! Is their anyone that can explain how in simple terms what fluids they test on a PMP PANEL 15 and how the data can be accessed by anyone? Everyone should read this and be aware of the possible profiling being done. I feel like I fought in Iraq just to come back disabled and my quality of life has went down so much and I'm scared if I'm not taking everything the VA sends, or all the amounts I could lose my healthcare. So Im very curious to know what they use is it blood or urine. I have smoked cannabis in WASHINGTON STATE LIKE 3 weeks ago and wanna know if it is gonna show up? This is a question that IF Anyone has the answer to it would ease my stress a lot. Thank you!!

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