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Anybody know electronics ?

I have a Toshiba SD-P2500  Portable DVD Player......The power works but every time i put a DVD in it starts to load and then i get the little symbol of a DVD with an X thru it.........The disk is not spinning.

Does anybody know what to do when the disk does not spin ?
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Electronics are designed to be disposable now. Generally the cost of repair is so high that replacement is the only way to go. Which is wasteful and a terrible attitude...but that's the way hings are done now.

I would take a careful look over it once more. There's a couple of things that could cause the problem. Some of them are very stupid (like if you grabbed the wrong plug adaptor, the dvd won't spin. A subtle difference in voltage and the thing will power up but be a doorstop). Check for variable speed switches if you aren't familiar with every aspect of the unit as well.

As a final check, I'd try putting a cleaning disk in. Sometimes a unit will spin for the cleaning disk but not a normal dvd...

it could also be the unit has a "safety switch" in the disk latch or another area that won't allow it to spin if it's open.

If that catch is broken, then open or closed "Et no work mon." :)

In that case you may be able to do a "quick fix" on the switch and get it going (I had a unit I had to do this with. It won't stop spinning now unless you unplug it...but hey, at least it works!)

Hey, I've just run out of quick off the cuff ideas. Hope it works out.
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Thank you.....Yeah it does not seem as if i am going to be able to fix it..

Hey what do you think about me sending it back to toshiba ?

I mean i have nothing to loose....LOL
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The disk doesn't even start spinning? The variable speed motor in those units is usually controlled directly from whatever the controller chip is for the DVD...its unlikely that you will be able to fix it.

Its certainly worth trying to move the DVD to make certain that you don't have a frozen bearing, but that is not likely.
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