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Can't sleep New question

What’s your best tip for a beautiful body?

You've been through the desert on a horse with no name.  Except your horse does have a name.  What is it?  (i know stupid but i am going on 49 hours of no sleep, bear with me)

Let's make a list.  What are 20 things in your life that you're grateful for?
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1. Best tip from a beautiful body...refrain from negative thoughts about your body...as hard as that can be for a lot of us.

2. Pancakes. I know crazy name. However after watching the O.C I said the next pet would be named pancakes.

3. My husband, His family, My dog, My mom, my home, nephews and niece, school, some what good health, love, USA, the military, books, my husband many talents, my husband health, journals...
--Ok so if you can't get 20 thats fine...I have gone blank....
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1. Best tip from a beautiful body...take care of it - nourish it with healthy food, groom it, protect it and exercise it.

2. Shane - I saw the movie as a kid and always put horses and that name together.

3. My husband, my son, my parents, my siblings, my animals, my friends, my cooking skills, my knowledge in the software industry, the internet, my home, my car, my country, TV, music, books, hearing, sight, ability to walk, good food, a beautiful world.
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What’s your best tip for a beautiful body? Kindness

your horse does have a name.  What is it?  noname

Let's make a list.  What are 20 things in your life that you're grateful for?

My Kids, grandkids, My health, their health, friends and their health, God is first in line cause without him none of this would be possible.
My job
birds and all of nature. Is that 20?
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What’s your best tip for a beautiful body? plenty of sleep

your horse does have a name.  What is it?  nola

Let's make a list.  What are 20 things in your life that you're grateful for?
1. health
2. wealth (not exactly, but not worried about paying the mortgage, and i am grateful)
3. family
4. friends
5. memory (have it, can use it)
6. hope

20 is very hard to do!
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1. beautiful body ? good skin, mosituries, cleanse, hydrate and sleep.


3. health, faith, friends, family, dog, clean water, food, shelter, clothing, education, skilled drs. , my MH family, my ability to think, nature, nuture, icecream.teachers, internet, most of all my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
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Beautiful body?  I always wanted to walk into a body shop and ask for a new one....Yep a shop for cars...., but I never have gotten up the nerve....I honestly believe that it is too late for this old girl to be physically beautiful...I just do what I can for what I have...My hair has been highlighted very nicely.

Haven't had a horse in 30 years, but his name was Buck and yes he did.  

20 things to be greatful for.
I'm still breathing and at the beginning of the year, I just didn't know ...well so far...(very long story)
My husband...he is the very best friend that I have in the world.
My daughter...I saw her a couple of days ago and thought...OMG she is so beautiful.
My house is paid for
My car is nearly paid for
I love flowers
I love growing them
Pink sunrises
taking pictures, better with scenery than with people.
My family..they have their issues, but they love me
His family "same goes"
I have a job
And I have the best co-workers in the world.
I got a cute little dog and he makes me laugh.
I like to mow the lawn
I like to get dirty...
A good hair cut
wonderful makeup
great shoes
shopping for clothes
and having closets full of them
Having lunch with the girls
Date night with my husband..(few and far between)
Good movies
Disney cartoons
blue skys
white billowy puffy clouds.
talking to my friends on med help.

I think I went over 20.  I can keep going.

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Beautiful body...Move it in any way you can. Eat healthy. Take care of it!

Horse would be its name!

I am grateful for these 20 things.

1. My one good eye. I see so much with it!
2. My one good ear. I hear so much with only one!
3. My children for having taught me to look outside of myself.
4. Lachlan for being so wonderfully patient and kind.
5. The warm days here in USA.
6. The fact I am even able to get away!
7. The fact that when I am here I have challenges and learn so much about myself.
8. That I can walk and breathe without aid.
9. A comfy bed to sleep in at night.
10. The water coming out of a tap, I don't need to collect it from far away.
11. Music...any music...soothes my soul!
12. Clean beautiful water to swim in. Soothes my soul!
13. My life as an abused survivor...I have become a better person from having experienced it.
14. Medical research. Even though we bit-ch on the health forums, most of us would be dead a long time ago if it weren't for the ongoing research of diseases.
15. My gifts of writing, psychic and humour.
16. The animals who come into my life to share their lessons with me.
17. A democratic country where I live, where we get to choose who is our leader.
18. For having met my now ex-husband. In a back hand way, the grief he gave me also taught me to learn about myself.
19. Sunsets. Always glad to have made it through another day.
20. The love I get from the people I care about.
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