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Cats and Dogs

Your pet has a special thing they do? My cat can open the door. She  jumps up to the door knob and turns it with her paws. This happened twice for sure. The closet door in my bedroom was open and I would fuss Hubby. He said I didn't go in the closet since this morning. We watched her do it. She did this at the back door also. We have to lock the doors to the outside. Oh! hubby buys ham at the deli for lunch. The minute he is back from the store she starts haaammm,haaammm, and she says muuum, also. This cat thinks she is a person. She makes herself understood.LOL
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Yikes, better not teach our cats to do that.

Waldo can jump on the table and steal your bacon (or just about anything edible) if you turn away, even if it is just for a moment. He also likes to snuggle under the covers and pur. He also has a unique sort of grunt/meow. He uses it to get your attention.

Sahib will put things in your shoes when he is playing. Not sure if this was a skill, but he has hidden dropped car keys as my grandma's friend found. He was laying on top of them.

I'm sure I can think of more later.
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I have a dog it is white with pretty brown through the white he has a pair of gold rimmed glasses on he is laying down such a pretty contented sight he does not eat he does not go out he is a picture and is in a frame, One night my hubbys friend came by about dark he had heard my hubby was sick so he sat down and talked , but he was so drunk he looked up and saw the dog he said why harlin thats a pretty dog why does he have to wear glasses, and then he said i never seen a shelf built like that i guess he likes to sit up there on that shelf well trailers are sort of dark anyway the picture was just hanging there i did not say a word nor did my hubby then he staggered out and i just doubled over he thought it was real oh well just thought i would share I love my dog have had him 20 years  jo
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My cat has an uncanny ability to lay across the floor at the exact time I need to walk in that area. Especially at night, with the lights off. Maybe he figures by tripping me up I will relent and feed him. Gets my attention though every time....grrrr mutter mutter mutter...bloody cat! ( He is cute though really!)
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my animals are crazy !!...... lol my dogs bark at the cats or whatever and my parrot yells "shut up"....

my dog will not let you drink coffee in the morning with out you giving her some in her dish, or right out of your cup ( dont leave it on the coffee table because its her height and she has no proble helping herself!).....

my cats are just nuts, climbing up the door ways (we have wood trim around the house) and she goes all the way up the top and back down..... she has issues...lol
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The cat that adopted us ,called 'little Twit' likes to sit on the rug and miowww till you drag her round the living area on it, she loves to ride, she also likes to nab and nip at my toes from under the bed ...
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lol thats funny margy!!..... she wanted to go on a magic carpet ride!!!
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I saw a cat ride a vaccum cleaner on "Funniest Home Videos". Miss Kitty would die of a heart attack.LOL!! She does not like loud noises. These past few days, she takes a run across the house and wants to play. Real Frisky!! We have some cool weather within the past week or so.
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I use a rollator to walk...its kind of a fancy walker with a seat, and storage area...
anyway, my cat Abbie loves to sit on the seat and go for a ride, I push her around the apartment and she thinks this is a really cool new toy.... Gotta love them!!
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This adopted cat ran into the Yard yesterday with a baby snake in its mouth, I screeched she dropped it, it curled up, I took one look and ran for help and the Camera, when I got back it was slithering away, and darn it the camera battery chose that moment to pack up. I have to tell you it looked like a baby Rattler !!!The cat is still alive today ,she had it in her mouth!
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The cutest thing my cat does is standing up to beg like a puppy when she wants a special treat.  That's why that's my display picture.  It's just so cute.  It's also a little unusual, since most cats would never stoop so low as to beg like a puppy.

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