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Cold and Flu season: Time to Whine

I'll start! I have a cold. My 5 year old gave it to me, but he got over it in 3 days and I still have it. I've taken almost all my old cold meds that still have real pseudoephedrine in them and I'm just hoping that I can still get some more from the pharmacist when it's all gone. Stupid cold is keeping me up at night and I had to buy more tissues.

I'm a mom. The only other person I can whine to is my Mom. I'm done for now, so thanks for listening. And remember, misery loves company so anyone else have a cold?
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Zwith the weather the wat its been i am surprised that are many more with colds... i hate getting colds because i am om kidney dialysis and there are so many things i cant takes because of mu kidneys.. but her its ok to whine we are here to listen because for one reason or the other we all whine from time to time
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Whine away guys I am going to have my whine now... well I went on vacation to England and I was pretty healthy ,anyway I had no cough no cold and only my usual Urticaria ,well I came back with a cough, a cold and a ton of unknown allergies, mind you I did get all hooked up in England with a few Scots, quite a few Brits, all their  kids, and they were all sneezingcoughing and all the other delights ,, I fended them off till I got on the plane and then started to sneeze , I have nt stopped yet, I find sneezing Horrible, it jolts my whole body, and to cap it all the Santa Anna winds are a blowin, and all that desert dust is flying through the air to say nothin about the rat faeces,  Wow I feel great now.. what a vent That will last me a couple of weeks at least!!
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Gosh, my son has had a cold for over two months now and I took him to the doctor already. They just told me his lungs are fine (has a history of bronchitis) and that he just must keep catching a cold over and over again. I haven't gotten sick this whole time. I think in my case it's been mind over matter type of thing; I keep telling myself that I'm not getting sick, and that I'm immune :) Hey, it's worked!

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