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Hi all! I had a heart attack and was diagnosed with diabetes almost a year ago that turned my life upside down. Since the attack and quadruple bypass surgery I've lost my house, car, and can no longer do the work I've been doing for the last 30years b/c of the physical requirements. I've applied for and been denied Disability and don't know where to turn. My challenge now is being able to the afford my medicine needed every month of about $150. I am still on my ex-husband's medical plan but even w/his insurance, with NO income, the co-pays and medicines are too high....does anyone know of an organizations or discount programs or low cost supplemental insurance that would help?..at least until/if i'm approved for disability??
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  You could see if the specific medications you need can be provided through the Patient Assistance Program which can help people with gaps in health care coverage. Find out the specific companies that make the medication or medications you need. If they have this program and
you are within the coverage limits  have your doctor call them and then they could complete the forms.
  There should be other programs that could help as well.
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Thanks for the advice. I will check out the program.
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As well, all the big pharma companies have programs to get their medications free or very low cost to qualifying individuals.

Good luck.

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