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Do you or someone you know have Food Allergies? There's a new Food Allergies Community -- Thanks MedHelp!

Do you or someone you know have food allergies?

If so, which ones?

The new Food Allergies Community is a wonderful new community that just opened up ... I am so excited I wanted to share the news!!!

Food Allergies:

List your allergies below --

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My daughter is life threateningly allergic to:

Nuts (hazelnuts and some others)


Latex (and of interest -- some food cross react from nat'l latex tree)

She carries an epi pen and Benadryl with her all the time and wears her Medic Alert Tag 24/7

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I'm one of those........I'm allergic to shell fish and strawberries and latex. So I guess you can say that I'm a real cheap date, no lobster and no chocolate covered strawberries.LOL
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I almost forgot about kiwi....I love them but can't eat them .
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I'm allergic to bananas and pineapple.
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Not food but penicillin
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Cinnamon, Ivory Soap, Amoxicillin, LOVE orange juice but can't have it :o(
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i have a allergic to alcohol ,i never had it in my life till last year ,.
i break out in all red itchy bumps,..then i get such a pain in my head ,.
then i get palpitation's ,..then i come over all shivery cold like ,.
its not nice and it feels like im having a heart attack,.
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My husband is allergic to the zucchinni family...when we first got together I mad homemade veggie soup with tiny spices of yellow squash  his throat swelled we had to go to er....He shoulda told me...
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cherie would this not of been your oppertunity to have gotten rid of him ,lol..lol..
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My son is allergic to rice,nuts the Dr was so shocked when they did the test that rice was one came back he was allergic to.

And the good thing is all his mates always look to see if anything they want to give him has rice in it.....

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