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How do you find motivation?

Good morning or evening or day or night or afternoon ladies and gentlemen and whassup. My name is Hamed Khatiz and I am a sixteen year old student, writer, drummer, adviser and many more from Sydney. My main message however is about the student part.

I used to be an early riser, waking up energetic, nearly hypo every morning. I would be jumping and buzzing waiting for everyone else to wake up. Now I am early waker but cannot find the energy to get out of bed. One more hour won't hurt. I would wake naturally at 4:45am and then wake up at 7:15am, leaving at 8:30am to 9am and being at least an hour late for school.

I got a lecture from my principal about why I was missing so many classes. In six weeks, zero unexplained absenses turned into eight. I am completely missing classes sometimes, arriving at school at 10:00am sometimes when I used to arrive at 7:30 and have to arrive by 8:20.

How do you leave this form slump? I am demotivated when it was only last season, I was more awake than most of my teachers. How do you find the motivation to get up and stay awake because I miss walking to school with my friends on the 8:00am train instead of catching the 9:40am full of not so nice people with brown paper bags over alcohol bottles looking to see whether any of my friends are on the platform.
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Well, why do YOU think you are demotivated?  Why doesn't school matter to you?  Are you angry at them?  I know they made you feel less than important recently when you were dismissed during your friend's episode.  Have things added up like that making you less interested?  

I'm sure you know the consequences in your head but you need to internalize them.  If you were an excellent student before . . . that is your opportunity for the future.  You seem quite smart and I'm sure you could do many different types of jobs--------  but education is key to this.  Sometimes at your age, that is hard to really think about.  But you are at the point in which you have to.  And you don't want to screw that up.

Here, we have to be accepted into college or university.  The better you do, the more opportunities you will have.  

don't blow your opportunity.  So many doors will open for you if you are successful.  Financial independence.  People (friends and dating) are drawn to successful people. There is power in being successful.  And doing well in school is the start of that success.

don't blow it.  

How's that for motivation?

Do you think you have a low level of depression?  Would your parents allow you to speak to a therapist?  I think in many ways this will really help you.
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I believe I held and probably still hold the record for most late arrivals at my school. My year alone had 240 students. I couldn't help but be late for so, so many years including primary school. In retrospect, I was depressed and no one took any particular concern. Mental illness is definitely worth a thought, Hamed.

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