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How happy are you?

I am curious as to how everyone views him or herself as far as happiness goes.  Have you been a very happy person since you were a child?  Are you usually pretty happy?  Are you rarely truly happy?  What do you think has made you this way - genes, environment, etc.  Do you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert?  Does a happy-go-lucky person have to be extroverted??  
Try to be honest and evaluate your life as a whole!
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I am a grouch, leave me alone!  No just kidding. I'm probably average.  Most of the time don't feel either way, but if I feel happy, then I may feel very happy and if I feel sad, I feel very sad....and I can reach those extremes in a day depending on what thoughts come to my mind and what events trigger it.

I'm a bit unpredicatable.  Just don't approch me in the morning after I wake up.  In the late evening usually I feel ready to talk.
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I am a morning person. But don't come to me with a problem after 8:00PM ... I'm really winding down by then ... C~
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In my case, it's a combination of A and B. I chose A because it is what defines me the most, but that doesn't mean I don't get sad or depressed. :) But I love laughing and making jokes, and just being goofy and happy...
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Most of the time I am walking around with a smile on my face and making jokes to help other's happy.

There are times when I get sad or mad. I usually wake up every morning and say it is a new day things will be good today.
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Normally Im quite a bit happier, tend to be positive,,,too much stress past two week, sons gonna be a teen dad, middle son is having very serious problems , and I totally love school, but when they say my program is accelerated they take that definition to a new level..other wise all is great...
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I am always happy in the morning and grumpy by night, around the time when I come on here...I am an introvert.
Sleep helps me to regain happiness but since I have been so sleep deprived for tha past seven years, happiness is a bit muffled. Motherhood brought a deeper happiness but at the same time chopped off those wings I used to have. The true me needs challenges, changes, good conversations, it`s all put on hold.
I still find things that crack me up once a day, so that little dose of laughter is all it takes. I like to be silly with my son, with co-workers and on Medhelp. Wait, no, that usually backfires...
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