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I Love.....

Things I love:

1.) Reading a good book.

2.) Sitting on a beach breathing in the salty air and watching the waves come in.

3.) Snuggling with my 4 year old right after his bath and smelling his sweet, clean smell.

4.) Singing praise songs at church (always makes me feel better no matter what my day!)

5.) Spending quality time with my family or friends.

Ok, you're turn! What do you love?

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Things I love:

1.) spending time with  family

2.) walking and sometime losing the dogs

3.) music----music---and more music

4.) makin a mess

5.). the sea and all it's power

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being with chikdren and grandkids....sitting by the ocean with a rum and coke listening to good music......smoking a fine cigar
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Talking and listening to children , I am always astonished at their innocent insight, reading stories to them, patting a soft cuddly doggie who needs some company .Sailing the Pacific Ocean (off LA) LOL Watching the lizards in my back yard .,
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Things I love in no paticular order:

sunsets and sunrises
warm sunny days
fresh fallen snow before anyone walks on it and makes it all slushy
chocolate fudge cake 10 seconds in the microwave then add squirty cream um yummy
reading a good book
watching a good movie
breathing in the outdoor fresh air and feeling alive

Just some of the good things in life but a lot of people take for granted.
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I love

seeing a really old couple still obviously sooo in love
holding babies
the beginning of each season
a really hot bubble bath
when my children make wise decisions
random acts of kindness either given or recieved
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I love:

To people watch.

Listening to music.

Driving a long ride and listening to music alone.
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I love..............

Seeing the grandbabies being born and being the first person to hold them.

When the leaves start to change colors and blow in the wind.

Seeing the grandkids faces light up on Christmas morning.

All my friends on MedHelp.
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I love...

the changing leaves in fall
baby animals (I love all animals but these make me smile so much)
the smile of my son
the embrace of my husband
spending time with all my family
bubble baths and red wine
creme brulee and prime rib
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I love

the warmth of the sun
mountain views
a good book

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Isn't it funny how similar we all are? Maybe there aren't so many differences among all of us after all. :)
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I love:

-Feeling my son's arms wrapped around me and his soft, fuzzy little head on my shoulder when he hugs me.

-Hearing my son's giggles...they are contageous. :-)

-Spending time with my immediate family.

-Going to church each Sunday and knowing I belong to a "second family."

-The colors and smell of leaves in the fall, and stepping on dead leaves to hear them crunch--I'll zigzag walk across my company parking lot just to step on leaves and hear them crunch!

-The smell of baking gingerbread cookies and freshly brewed coffee.

-Riding a horse bareback in full gallop...nothing can compare to that adrenaline rush!

-The smell of newborn babies.

-A gentle, cool breeze on a hot day.

-The smell of rain.

-My mom's carrot cake with cream cheese icing.

-Cuddling with my boyfriend and sending/receiving lovey-dovey text messages with each other (and I don't care how lame that sounds, lol!).
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- Going on little "adventure trips" with my six-year-old, even if it is a junk yard
- Cuddling with him and smelling his hair
- Hearing the honest and heart-felt thoughts of pre-schoolers
- Running through autumn leaves on a soft forest trail
- Remembering my Dad`s melodic voice and laughter
- Practicing archery at dawn, in happy solitude
- Singing in a thunderstorm
- Eating lemons on top of a snowy mountain, skiing.
- Driving fast in curves
- Exploring a neighborhood with rollerblades
- Remembering Yokohama
- The pleasure of completing a project with success, sometimes.

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I love chocolate ICE CREAM!!!!! from Cold Stone - German Chocolate Cake which has chocolate ice cream, nuts, caramel, coconut and brownies.
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I Love...............




Summer time

My parents



Reeces peanut butter cups

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Horseback riding


Goofing off


Ice cream

Sherbert with chocolate chips

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Ha ha ha!!!! ORANGE sherbet with chocolate chips! See, I TOLD you I would get you addicted! :D
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1. looking at my sleeping children

2.  a good thunderstorm

3. my dog

4.  really cold green tea

5. My good MH friends Jen, Bernie, Brooke and all others
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I love the Pumpkin Spice latte I just had.... yum yum.....gotta get more... if I had all the money I've spent at Starbucks...............
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Lol! PrettyKitty, my son has been telling me to get that! He works at Starbucks now and is totally getting me hooked! I usually get the Vanilla Latte with soy milk and energy (usually after working a long night). Since he works there we get one pound of free Starbucks coffee too! Yippee!! Gotta love Starbucks! :)
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I envy you. You get free coffee. That's not fair lol. Do you think your son can give me free lattes?

Well yes, you should definitely get a pumpkin spice latte WITH whipped cream lol. Have you tried the white mocha?? It's delicious. I was wondering, I once tried soy milk at home and almost threw up. Does it taste good at Starbucks? I've had people telling me to go with soy milk, but I just don't know. Is it good?
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I meant to say we get one pound of free coffee a week. That is, coffee beans. I don't get the ready made drinks for free, although my son does.

As for the soy milk, I use it because regular milk doesn't always agree with me. I don't think you can taste the difference when it's mixed in something like that. But I only like the vanilla soy milk not the plain soy milk. I'm not sure what Starbucks use.
I wouldn't drink it plain, though, only in something.
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Oh yeah, I totally understood what you said about getting one lb of free coffee a week. I was just joking about the free latte:)

Thanks for the tip. I will ask for soy milk next time I go to Starbucks. I'll let you know how it goes. I have heard that soy milk is actually better than cow milk as it helps digestion. I think I once had vanilla soy milk but I had to drink it cold. I don't like cold milk. I'm always cold. I need to fix my internal thermostat. I live in Fl; I'm not supposed to be cold all the time!!
Hmmm....what else do I love...oh, yes, I love to walk on the beach in the afternoon :)
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Girl, I'd trade you in a heartbeat right now if I could walk along the beach! Tell you what, you come to Colorado this winter and I'll go to Florida! Then tell me how cold you are in Florida, lol.
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Who said winter? Who said winter in Colorado?? Are you crazy? Do you want me to stop functioning? lol My hubby says I'm missing a layer of skin because it isn't normal for a person to be so cold ALL THE TIME at temperatures of 77 degrees. Now do you see why I'm so attached to Starbucks Pumkin Spice Latte? I even tell them I want it extra hot!
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