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Miss Universe 2009 Live Stream

I’ve never really been a fan of pageants, to tell you the truth. But with Miss Universe, there’s just something about it that’s so regal and elegant that I can’t help but watch, in spite of myself.

Miss Universe 2009 deserves all the hype that it’s generating because it really is an exciting event. Think of beautiful ladies with fabulous figures, strutting their stuff up on stage. Add to that the Evening Gown competition, where you get to see the ladies wearing elegant evening wears with backless and strapless numbers. And of course, the swimsuit competition which I’m sure is every guy’s favorite part of the pageant. What more can you ask for, right?

Personally, my favorite part is the interview portion, which is not only the most nerve-wracking, but also the most interesting portion of all. I love to see beautiful ladies speak up and prove that they can “think under pressure”. For me, that’s the best measure of all, BRAINS. If a lady is beautiful and sexy, but doesn’t have brains, she doesn’t deserve to win Miss Universe, in my opinion. And the question and answer portion is the final factor that will determine who will win the competition. Will they be able to answer the question sensibly? Will they maintain their poise and be able to do some quick thinking? Or will they succumb to the pressure and black out and mumble only a few words that are millions of light years away from the question? I enjoy watching pretty, well-poised ladies tremble and stutter during the interview portion. We all know how difficult it is to string a few sensible words when you know that the whole world is hanging on to every word you say, right? But some are able to pull it off, some even answer with flying colors. That’s always interesting for me to watch.

For Miss Universe 2009, eighty four ladies are going to represent their own countries as they compete for the prestigious title and be crowned the 58th Miss Universe. On August 23, Dayana Mendoza will be crowning her successor.

Not usually a pageant lover myself, I do enjoy the excitement that Miss Universe brings. I’m definitely watching Miss Universe 2009. Don’t forget to watch too! Don’t miss all the excitement. Miss Universe 2009 will take place on the beautiful Atlantis Paradise Island, in the Bahamas. Watch Miss Universe 2009 Live Stream on August 23, 2009 via pay per view. It’s gonna be fun!

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She won twice ...what a beauty  I have always loved watching the pageants ...years ago brains didnt come in to it much it was all about looks,I think that its all fun and i love it...
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