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New Year and New President

2008 is almost over (thank god)..anyways the last 4or 5 months of this year has been a big roller coaster ride..we have wall street and the finanical markets collasping.. Million people loose there jobs, and then the car industry collaspes. Now on the other hand we have for the very first time an Afirician-American President going to take office. I feel President Obama. may have been one of the best presidents we may have ever had, but to tell the truth, i dont know if he will get a chance to prove himself. This man has so many major problems that is going to handcuff him, he may not get the chance to govern. We have the war in Iraq and Afganstan, plus the Isreailies are now bombing Gaza Strip.. plus the finanical mess and the unemplyment rate is skyrocking and the national debt is going to be in the trillions. And the last thing i am afaird of is one of these real way out nut cases is going to try and maybe even succed in killing our new president. and that would be the worst thing that could happen to this country. I know on January 20th Washington may not be the safest place to be, and i hope i am soooo wrong on everything i just wrote. I hope President Obama is the best we ever had, and i hope he leads our country back to greatness>i would really like to see some of my Mh buddies ideas and opions on this.
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We shall see Jolly its going to be a true test for him and America if we stand with him will we fall ?? If we dont stand with him will we succeed?? I am confused on this matter I hope that he does conquer all expectations and proves many wrong including me....
I didnt vote for him but I will support him,However that dosent mean I am going to agree with him on every thing .....
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alien  thats what great about our country,, i didnt vote for him either. but he is my president and i will back him 100% but like you said i dont have to and probebly wont agree with everything he says or does
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He is certainly stepping into as mess, watching news as I type I hope he stays outta Isreal/Gaza.....just remembered my Thryoid doc is in Isreal on vacation bet hes at the embassy.....anyways Obama needs all the support he can get.so, thanks guys..and I hope some nut case dont get him...he was photographed in a swim suit in Hawaii ,,a no-no,,,what if that far away high zoom camera had been a far away high tech rifle...wake up ss after the shoe thing good God wake up !!!
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i agree with everything you said except the Gaza/isreal thing cheri.. we have to back Isreal and if we dont no one will..and you brought up a very good point..the secert service..where in the hell were they when the shoes where thrown at Bush,,you never saw one at all, and like you said if they could take a picutre of Obama at the distance a shrp shooter could kill him for 3 or 4 times further so where are they??? thats what scares about the 20th on ignaration day they execpt 4 to 5 milliuon vistors to Dc.. how can they posibaly protect the new president with that mant ppl??? i am really concerned for his and the families safety..i hope i am parniod over nothing
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Bullet proof hummer with a remote control hand waving at the crowd......Thats one way I guess
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My brain knows we should protect Isreal..its terrifiying to me because of my son..he will be in army..hes gonna be an artilliary man..he will be sent to a war zone..Im proud of him but I will die if he gets hurt.
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Jolly, I did not vote for Obama either. I am afraid he does not have the experience to get us out of this mess. But I will support him and pray for him. If he has what it takes it will show, he will make a difference. Great men find a way to get the job done. It may take longer than he or we would like but again if he has what it takes he'll make a difference.

I do not beleive there will be an assassination attempt, or if there is an attempt it will not be successful. I am confident he will be surrounded more heavily with SS than any other President in history.

Cherie, I don't blame you for your fear. I'm a mother of sons only and I can relate. Neither are currently in the armed forces, thank God. But I know in my heart that we must be in Israel. And I thank all the armed services that put their life on the line, some where every day for freedom and democracy.
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hes a senior in high school already preenlistd gets a thousand bucks a month for each month of high school once done with boot camp they make it enticing and it is he should have enough money to buy a small house when done the military provides wonderful opportunities..just wish he wouldnt of picked artillary man ... when hes deployed Im gonna need my friends on here..
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I voted for him, but I do have to admit I am skeptical if he can do all the things he promised.  This is quite a mess...  I heard something about potential 20% unemplyment rate predicted????  OMG....  They talked about inflation and the need for investers to invest in gold rather than the American dollar.  This doesn't bode well. It's gonna get a hell lot worse before it gets better I am afraid.

It's no fun watching the nightly business report. :(  I want good news for a change.
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I voted for him and, while I don't 100% agree with absolutely every decision he's made so far, I recognize that the important ones have been made extremely well.

As to whether he can fix every problem in four years or even eight?  Of course not, no one could!  What he can do is direct intelligence, experience and integrity (as much as he can find in WDC politicians) at the problems, which is certainly the place to start!

One of the most important things he can do, and the thing I have the most confidence that he is doing and will continue to do, is to bring America's identity back in our own eyes and in the eyes of the world.  We've lost our focus as a country, badly, and we need him to lead us back.

I am happy to see people who didn't vote for him say that they will support him.  I hope this sentiment is widespread.  President Obama will be much more effective if his time isn't wasted staving off attacks and smears that should be beneath us all.

As to the specifics, well, that would be a long post!  I will say that, some minor objections notwithstanding, I couldn't be happier about Obama/Biden.  First time in my adult life that a presidential choice has been one to give me hope!  That alone is an amazing thing!!

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