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I get so excited about the olympics!  Starting tomorrow . . .  the fun begins.  Does anyone else watch and feel that excitement of seeing great athletes and supporting your country's teams??
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Yes, I do.
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I live in the UK so it has been really exciting watching the olympics in my home country.  I live 30 miles from Weymouth & Portland where the sailing took place, and went to get a taste of the atmosphere.  The sailing was a long, long walk, but saw it from top of a newly built tower, for about 5 mins.  Thousands of people in Weymouth, and 2 huge screens on the beach.

I was brought up in London, but now live on the south coast, but I loved seeing London again.  

I would love to see the olympic stadium, so will make the 70 mile trip to east London someday.  
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You will have to report back Maddie about the stadium!  Glad you were able to fight the crowds to see a bit of the sailing.  Very cool to be close to the action like that.  

We LOVED the olympics.  My young boys couldn't get enough of it.  

Big fun!  Can't imagine if I lived remotely close to it.  
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