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Prayer Chain for Our Medhelp Members

I was thinking after replying to a couple prayer requests and people's journals, it would be nice to list on one thread all the members needing prayer and support. Even if one isn't religious, they can sent their best thoughts and good vibes.

So far we have prayers out to Sadinmichigan with her family and struggles in life, for Burrpatch and his health, Sarah and her beagle, Sobermommy for her niece who got hit by a car, HelpinUtah for her father, as well as her own health, NaughtyOne for her health, Lostdreams for her struggle, Jollyman for his surgery, LORDINEEDHELP, April2, Babypooh and several other members who live with an alcoholic husband or in a relationship and many others who can be added onto this list.

Feel free to add your own username or a friend if you're in need of prayers and support.
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This is a thoughtful post.  We can all use prayers or good energy (whatever you believe in) and I thank you for your support.  I agree, we should try to keep our friends on MH in mind in our prayers and good thoughts.  So many of us have health, family, or other issues we need help with.  
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If we were all perfect, then we probably wouldn't be here.  I've heard it spoken by several friends that everyone here comes for a reason, whether it be addiction, pain, anxiety, depression, autism, cancer, MS, or any other list of things.

Even so we all share some things in common and one of those is being human.
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Thanks, MJ; this is very sweet of you. It's people like you that make this site such a wonderful place to come to and gives us hope.
I will continue to pray so that God can guide us all through each of our hard times and so that things can get better for us all. Let's keep our faith. I thank God for the wonderful people I met through this site. God bless you all!
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My thoughts and energy  are with all the people you mentioned MJ  I wish them well and am willing them to feel better soon.
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Good idea MJ
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There you are jollyman I thought you'd gone on the cruise Teko told us about or had your surgery , so I am glad you are okay.
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MJ - This is a really good idea.

Prayers and good thoughts to Burrpatch, Sarah and her beagle, Sobermommy's niece, HelpinUtah for her father and herself, Lostdreams, Jollyman, LORDINEEDHELP, April2, Babypooh and others whom I don't know.

wolf and her cats and dogs  = )

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Surgery is on the 21st of this month.. really starting to get the anixiety feelings i hate being put under, thats the worst part for me
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You'll be okay, jollyman! We're all here if you gotta talk about it :) I'll keep you in my prayers and hope it all turns out fine. I'm sure it will. It'll be over before you know it :)
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You will be okay Jollyman.......you can dream about all of us Medhelp girls!!!!
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MJ,  this is a great idea.  I wonder if you can get a separate forum for this idea?  Very nice,  thank you.
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I would love the idea of a separate forum for prayer requests!
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sarah.. if i do that they may start cuttrung the wrong thingz??????.....lmao
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Why, jollyman, you'll be asleep, not the doctors :)
Great idea about the prayer request forum, by the way!
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MJ...thank you so much for including my niece in your post. It is so kind and thoughtful. I am so thankful for all the MH members who have reached out to offer prayers and support during this tragic time. She can use all the prayers that she can get. I am so thankful for all the kindness and support.

I think it would be wonderful to have a prayer request forum. It is awesome for all of us to be able to be there for each other. Thanks again to everyone who is praying for my neice.

Jollyman...I hope your surgery goes well.

I am sending up prayers for all the others mentioned as well. God bless you all...Lynn
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Also prayers for Dee52 and her ongoing struggle with brest cancer. I haven't heard from her lately.  I'm wondering how things are going?

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Thanks, MJ for bringing it to our attention. I will add Dee52 to my prayers.
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also tuckamore's dad, has end stage lung disease...will add all to my prayers, and everyone at MH who is stuggles with one thing or another, I thank god daily for my friends here...
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a seperate prayer forum would probably be "politically correct"  we have all sorts of religions including agnostics and athesists on here..Im all for it I believe greatly in the power of group prayer...
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I think it is great for a prayer chain.  People that know me know I am a strong believer in God, prayer, and the strength in the number of prayers.  I will add the requests to my current list.  I have found that if I am prayering for others I have less time to focus on my problems.  Compared to alot of the other problem people are going thru mine may seem minor.  Knowing that someone is praying for me helps me make it from day to day.  I would like to suggest a possible addition to this forum or even opening an additional forum.  I love to hear about answers to prayer, the strength one may find as the results of prayer and/or the things we learn during or after one experiences life changing incidents.  Please pray for my upcoming medical tests, prayer for decision regarding my employment, and my ability to try and remain calm, focused and at peace during all these issues going on in my life.  Thank you
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Great idea and Post!  This is so very thoughtful.  A dear friend of mine is having alot of issues with liver pains and migraines and could really use some prayer.  Also if everyone could pray for the homeless and animals now, that are out in the cold.  

Thank you and May God Bless You All.  ;~)
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I think I'll add alienshadow into the prayer chain for help with his depression.  I've been through depression off and on in my life. I've seen my dad talk about sucicide when he went through it really bad. I know it can be really painful.
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Please pray for all the unsaved people in the world. Thank you
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I would also like prayer for Lonelymom and her Dad. He needs help fighting addiction and we all know with God's help it can be done. She needs help being strong.

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