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Republican, conservative, democrat, liberal . . .

honestly, who cares!  I am so tired of everyone making statements like "well, you know how those (dems or reps) are!?  WHO THE H E L L cares!!!  Are we Americans first!!!!??? This is why there is so much division in this country and all around the world because we no longer accept each other for who we are!  To be completely honest, I really wish we could all just accept the fact that we are on the same side!!!  I'm sorry if this post seems harsh (probably because I'm hormonal today) but ENOUGH already.  Why can't we just say our opinions and not be berating for it!?  Isn't that what makes us great - it's the checks and balances.  History shows when we don't have it in our politicians and in each other - we fail!!!  LET'S STOP FAILING and start SUCCEEDING!!!

Okay, I'm done venting.  I just hope we NEVER forget we are in this together.  STAND UNITED!!!!  
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Amen Sister.

Venting is good! I'm with you on everything you said.
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Thanks PrettyKitty!  I tend to be one of the labels mentioned above, but to be honest, I respect everyone.  Last night, my FIL made a comment about the other party he is NOT affiliated with and it just made me so angry.  My mother went right along with him on some racial remarks he made and it just made me sick to my stomach!  Then I read posts here where people are berated for what they believe and feel.  I just wish we would all accept our differences and embrace them - that's what makes us each unique and special.  There's no reason for name calling or back biting.  

I am so thankful for the blessings I do have living in the USA!  I'm thankful that many people around the world have the same freedoms and sad that many do not.  But, we are all the same - we are human beings who need to be feel loved, nurtured and respected for who we are!  Yes, there are those few in this world who hurt people, but the majority of people in this world are good!  I truly believe that!  I might disagree on certain issues just like I do with my spouse, but I love them still the same!  

God bless us all!

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It is tough to stand united when you have certain people saying and doing 1 thing and another group of people saying and doing something completely the opposite. No matter what side you are for you are not going to agree with the other side on a lot of things.

If I believe in the conservative message, why am I going to compromise my values and stand with liberals?

I understand what you are saying and agree with what you are saying I just don't see it possible due to the political views of people. Some issues can bring the country together but when you talk about specific issues a lot of times you have people on both sides that have specific beliefs and will not change those.
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I agree we can respectfully share our views, but that's just it that's not what people are doing.  My FIL (like I stated above) said some things that really irritated me.  He and I are both conservative (and have similar views) but the difference is I respect those people who differ than me.  He made comments that offended me and I do not believe the same as those he was berating. If we were all the same I think it would cause horrible consequences.  The differences is exactly what balances us.  Maybe I'm wrong, but that's my core belief.

I also agree to not compromising our values or stand with what we believe, but we shoud respect each individual.  The bickering and fighting is just what some people want (especially politicians on both sides of the aisle).  They figure if we fight among ourselves than they can get away with doing whatever they want and NOT what we the people want.

What do you think?
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By the way good political debates are healthy if done respectfully.  I have a good friend who is the total opposite of me politically and we have wonderful debates.  We do not call each other names.  And, I feel very strongly on some issues and she does too.  But, we are great friends!  It comes down to respect.
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I agree that people should respect other people's beief's and opinions, and people should not resort to personal attacks and insults, but that is what happens all of the time and it's a shame that it does.

The politicians in power are a bunch of chumps. As a consevative I can find maybe 10 in power on either side of the isle that is trying to do the will of the people and not the will of themselves.
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Amen, I don't care what party a person is, that is their right, but, I say be respectful regarding others beliefs and affiliations. If we would all band together, things would go sooo much easier.

That is what the Glenn Beck 9-12 project stands for, I am a member, and they don't like, all this division either, or they shouldn't. If they do, Glenn steps in and sets them straight. He also said that these TEA parties are not to end up as party against party, that we are to unite together. I just hope it turns out this way. I wonder at times.
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Yes I would agree. One thing I think is although there is much people can't change by themselves such as what is going on with the state of the national economy but there are many community issues people can work together on that are non controversial and something anyone can support. I always read the letters people write in to the local papers in my neighborhood to look for ideas. Its nice when people write something in support of America instead of some of letters which are putting down a particular politician or group from any side. I'm more interested in what people stand for than what they are against and I am always willing to hear them out.
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I agree. Being a conservative in Utah is pretty normal.  But, I have to say that there are several conservative politicians that NEED to go here.  I believe Orrin Hatch, Bob Bennett and a couple others need to go.  They have allowed the power to go to their heads as have many other politicians in Washington.  When they are in that long, they forget who they serve.  They begin to serve the special interest groups instead of us people.  That burns me up!  Politicians on both sides of the aisle need to be set free and we need new blood in there who really care about the people and who do not owe special interest groups like the ones in Washington do now.  
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That's one of the things I like about Glenn Beck.  He stands for what's right, not what one party wants or believes.  He is an individual and that's what we all are.  The parties have turned this country into "us" versus "them."  It's just crazy!  Standing united is what brings people of differing opinions together to work toward one goal.  I think that although there are some very important issues for all sides, one thing remains, we are people first!  We all want what's right and good.  I like to see the good in everyone!  I guess I'm one of those people who wants to see the world through rose colored glasses!  What's wrong with that?  Anything?
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I do not concern myself with staying within or voting strictly for any particular party, group, etc.  After doing research, I choose to vote for the best person for the job.
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Good thread helpin, I was a democrat but after voting for OBama he has gone too far left for me I thought Hillary would have been more to the middle ...having been brought up with a goverment runnung everything I know its not a good idea, America is Unique it should be kept that way, it surprises me how many folks are very liberal I will vote Independant next time .You are right we should respect all opinions .
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"He stands for what's right, not what one party wants or believes."

But everyone has a different opinion as to 'what is right' and what is best for this country. I respect all of these opinions and value peoples input... that is one of the reasons why I listen to various news stations and not just one or two.

Nobody likes the situation that we are in now. Some people are complaining about taxes, but also want their children to have the best education and health care there is. We can't have it both ways, IMO. And IMO, if we had let some of these huge companies like AIG fail... then we would be in a Depression right now. It's the trickle down effect... just like the trickle down effect created by the mortgage companies and our former president that got us into this mess in the first place.
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As I said respect all opinions ,we shall see the way its going to be its not all about taxes take a good look at the other things happening to America ,read and listen to the road they are  trying to take us down, the blaming /disrespect to our Vets ...Nealpolitano yesterday, the comments  from Obama to Europe calling us Arrigant and derisory, apologising for us, even the Brit papers were asking what his agenda is, couldnt bow to the Queen of England, but bowed Realllll low to the King of Arabia..
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Where did all of my posts go ?
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Ahhh okay... the other thread. We have another political thread.
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I think we have differing oppinions of what is happening to our country, I think we have to respect all and listen to all, we shall all see what is happening, I doubt if we have too much control over it for the next 3plus years I hope I am wrong and ,that the tea parties continue and we get a voice going against extreme left or extreme right , wow that soon goes doesnt it.  Time I mean, main thing is guys we love this country, I will never apologise for her.. to anyone ever, I came here to live the American dream where the opportunity to be rich was a good thing and not to be apologised for , I remember in Europe the way the Yanks were feited and adored, we have nothing to say sorry for ..

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