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dog and fretting

This might sound a bit weird,but my son is away and when he called i put the phone on speaker,my 2 dogs were listening and sniffing the phone.Since then one of the dogs keep going to my sons old room.So what i am asking is do you think he know that hes away and since then he wakes me up in the night to get up. He seems to be sad and wont let out of his sight.
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Of course i believe they know, my daughter has had her dog since she was eight she is now twenty, he will fret till she comes home if she is away, will not stay out of her room:) will follow me all over the house..Dawn
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yea they know.... my grandma lived right next door to me (duplex) and then she passed unexpected and the few days after daisy (the dog)  wouldnt sit at my house she wanted to be at her house, but thenwould sit in there and just howl and cry so loud we could hear her from our house.....it was so heart breaking... she knew her mom wasnt coming home =(
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Yes the dog knows take him out for walks he is feeling lonely as your son probably paid him a lot of attention so be your son, lots of attention and walks ..
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Dogs bond closely with their owners or whoever takes care of them, which seems to be kind of unlike our cats. Our cats wouldn't know the difference as long as they are kept fed at the same times, lol.
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Normally i would agree about the cat thing,but our cat who died a few months ago thought she was one of the dogs and reacted the same as them.My son phoned tonight i put it on speaker and he talked to him and the dog said there listening ...... poor little buggar.
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Some grieve more than others, it is really sad when they do. Mine does when I leave. My family says she just sits looking all sad and pitiful and looks at the door.  
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I truly think animals know when we are away and they miss us. I know my kitty will sometimes look in my room when I am not here, dad says he misses me. Animals have feelings and the more they bond with you, the stronger the feelings get.

Animals are so wonderful.
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Okay I should say one of our cats will greet us when we come back. I know grandma's cat is happy to see me if I've been away. My cat seems either indifferent or sulks... But if you give him food then he wants that above all else.

Food is his god, lol.
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I was away from my parrot for 3 weeks. I hadnt ever let him for more than a week before. My husband was taking care of him and said he wasnt talking or making noise at all. So he put the phone to my bird and he started up with every word he knows. Then when ever he heard hubby talking on the phone with me or anyone, he would start up. They know. My parrot and dog listen to my mom on the phone.
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Oh yes all animals know. They have that 6th sense. Just like they know if you are afraid of them or not. My cat walks the avenue until I come back. When I get home she is right there at the door.
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my cats are like dogs... they wait at the front door witht he dogs for me.... my cats begs at the kitchen like the dogs.... and scratches at my door when its closed......

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