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giving yourself

The holiday of Christmas isn't really meant to be about gifts or what your going to buy give and receive. Often the story of scrounge is misinterpreted into how people should lots of money but thats not the point at all. The point is to give of yourself to other more then you normally would.  So I ask this holiday season how will you give of yourself to others?
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  Just making sure some family members who are elderly and have a disability have the help they need. Right now trying to work with the family to make sure that an elderly uncle has a wheelchair ramp in place, because a couple of weeks ago he couldn't make it out of the house to get a weekly blood test for sugar level for diabetes he requires because the stairs were covered with ice. Want to make sure that doesn't happen again. People should look out for each other, especially at this time of year.
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I spent most of Christmas day helping my close male friend moving stuff out of his factory/storage place. My other male friend came and told me to stop and take some time out, so we went for a nice walk. It was funny, they both know each other very well, and one appreciated my help and told me to go enjoy myself, and the other appreciates that I help and told me to enjoy myself. Was nice.
I don't do Christmas. Presents and stuffing of faces for a made up holiday is not me.
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We gave to the Salvation Army and also sent out gifts to children through the Operation Christmas Child charity/ministry.
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That was very nice of you, April :D We did give gifts to the children, but my son is very aware that the true meaning of Christmas is to celebrate the birth of our Savior :D
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