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jon and Kate

So did you see Jon and Kate are separating and divorcing? the show has been put on hold but do you think it will come back? I heard Kate was staying in the house with the kids while Jon was getting an apartment in New York. On his weekend visits with the kids, Kate will be staying in the apartment while Jon stays at the house with the kids and Nannys/ not only was their lifes published for 5 years now their divorce will be. These people were no bodies until they had 7 children at once. Do you think some of these reality shows go to far?
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seems money and greed go hand in hand.......reality tv is going way to far anymore.
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all i can say is "if i had all those children, i'd be a little b*tchy too"

i dont think that all the blame should be placed on kate.  i find that most women are forced to take the "lead role" because of weak men.
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hopefully that wretched show will be done. i attempted to watch the rerun of the divorce episode but i couldn't even stand to watch a full 5 minutes. i can not stand them or that show. it's awful!
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