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I thought my grandfather was in world war 1 but the ages do not match if my mom were alive she would be 99was born 1910 I think world war 1 was in 1914 and he was in the war when he was 16 so what war would that be he has a hat or cap on that has 2 rifles crossed and at the top of the rifles it says 19 and their is sort of a braid or band around the cap does anyone know how i can find out   thanks  jo
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America didn't enter WWI until 1917 / 1918, and so if your grandmother was born in 1910 and married someone just a little older, the ages would fit.

Or he could have lied about his age, as many did.

You should be able to tell his division by looking on his shoulder, here is a page that shows what they look like:


Suspect that the crossed rifles just mean infantry, and that 19 is the battalion, but someone who knows uniforms of that period may know more.
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Caregiver may know he is a fund of Knowledge about the wars , the braid maybe he was an officer, they called it scambled agg, crossed rifles may mean Infantry the 19 may be the regiment number, but I really dont have much info on WW1 although my Grandad died in that war.
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