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Do you have a high medical insurance monthly premium?

When my husband and I first moved to the state of California; we applied for state medical insurance. This required a monthly premium of $993.00 a month. They call it a share of cost. In other words...you had to get a bill higher than $993.00 in a specific month in order to get any help. I'm thinking to myself...how is our country set up to help the fellow man get further along in life? Wake up little girl! It's not! It's set up to bankrupt the poor and make the rich richer!

Then we found that the state of California has a program through Blue Cross called "Major Medical High Risk" insurance. For my age last April the monthly premium was $648.00.  Although most procedures, I had to pay up to 50% for. My husband kept asking what we were paying for. Then...right after having a surgical biopsy on my neck...they sent me a letter raising my premium to $738.00 a month.  We received this letter on the 15th right after having surgery on the 6th of that month. I thought what a rotten inhumane thing to do!   We could no longer afford it. The doctors told me that I didn't have cancer anymore...so we didn't see the harm in letting it go.

Now...9 months later...I'm in need of medical care and I have no insurance. :(
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Coincidence, increasing your premiums following a procedure, I Think Not. Unfortunately, this is so often the case with Insurance Companies. They never complain one little bit when they are receiving your premiums, that are high enough to prevent you from making that month's house payment, just as long as you don't use it.  

It's so sad, and there are probably laws against it, I don't know for sure.  I am fairly certain of one thing, the companies will never admit the truth as to WHY they raised them anyway.  I personally believe Insurance Companies' premiums should have some type of limits set on them.  There should be a maximum monthly amount they are allowed to charge a person for the entire year, regardless of how bad the person's condition becomes in that year. Then reevaluate the following year on each individual basis, with some amount limits still in place, and so on.

I'm aware when a person is sick they cost the insurance more money for their treatments, and increasing medical rates cost them more, as well.  I understand a reasonable yearly premium increase might be necessary to help compensate the companies for this, but the several times a year, or after use increases really need to be stopped some how.   Also, there are many people who pay their premiums for years, and never have to use the insurance.  They have probably paid in enough in premiums alone, to have actually purchased the company.  Those are the ones the companies really love, but when these people do get ill and need to use their insurance, to heck with what they've paid in the past and not used, up their premiums go.  I think it's really Wrong.      
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You are right! Until laws are changed...this is how it's gonna be.

You know I forgot to mention that my insurance company already upped my monthly premium by $50.00 not even three months prior...that time I received a warning the month prior. They raised the premium on everyone at the beginning of the year. So why in April did they raise mine another $100.00?

If I had the energy...I'd probably spend my days trying to find a hungry lawyer that wanted to touch this...YEAH RIGHT!  lol
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LOL the only problem is the only thing that will get resolved from hiring a lawyer is the money in YOUR bank account.  
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[BIG SIGH} The only thing getting big around here are my thighs!!! LOL!
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