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everything adds up

Getting ready to leave for docs appt. All I can think of is lets see...blood work $200.00, x-ray $75.00 or more, EKG $75.00, visit $59.00.

Geez....need a job to pay for my medical bills! Can't wait until next week!

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Well if you were unemployed or on welfare you would get it free at the free clinics in most cities ...I have a friend who gives her time to one in Santa Monica  you even get free prescriptions ...If we get this obama health care bill repealed the plan is to get a good one going that all may be able to afford and will not be mandatory with death panels .
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I agree Bluebird, With the rapidly rising costs of everything in our economy, things are quickly spinning out of control for those who are in need of affordable medical care.  

What are those people who are unable to afford medical insurance, or those with medical insurance who spends their entire year paying sometimes up to$4000 or more in deductibles a year, or are stuck in the non coverage gap the entire year, who are needing medical care to do?  

It is a vicious cycle.  Some people are too ill to work any longer yet still don't qualify for assistance, and people need to be well to work, and can't afford to get the medical care they need either.  I hope we can come up with some solutions to these problems, in the very near future because I personally don't believe that the American people are going to be able to continue to be able to financially survive at this rate much longer.  
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Yes...you ladies are right! This is and ever-so-growing problem.

I hope and pray that we come up with some viable solutions soon! To many people are suffering in the United States due to lack of health care for one reason or another.

I see story after story of individuals who are afflicted by the same issues. It's heart breaking. You'd think dealing with illness was enough. Let's just kick the ill while their down!

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