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Donating blood

Ok, so I have been researching and trying to find out if I can donate blood after I have smoked marijuana. Most sites including Red Cross states I can.

So my question is concerning privacy laws. See the blood drive is through my employer and I don't want to be fired for trying to do something out of kindness.

Can anyone tell me if the employer would find out if marijuana was in the sample? Also does anyone know if it is ok to donate when you smoke? I am not a heavy smoker and don't do it that often but still I don't want to donate if it can be bad news for someone else...

I actually smoke cause it helps me feel normal and not dizzy or out of it due to my undxs medical condition...
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It's admirable to want to donate blood.  I commend you as that is very important.  Use of pot doesn't harm the recipient of your blood product.  However, most blood banks will not accept blood from someone they suspect has used marijuana recently or had alcohol recently.  Not sure how they can tell but know someone turned away.  As to privacy.  I'm sure they wouldn't share that with your employer.  Privacy laws prevail.  However, again, they could test the blood and not use it or accept you.  Hope you have had a diagnosis by now for your condition and are feeling better.  Best
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