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who owns the letter?

I have moved to a very remote area,my doctor gave me a letter to confirm that I am long term valium taker and pain managed with oxy contin, I was having a meltdown when I went to and gave this letter to a young doctor in the nearest town,she had aid she would care for and support me!since seeing her two weeks ago when I was taking 15mg valium daily I am now on 10 mg and going crazy out here, the oxycontin has gone from 120mg a day to 80mg I am insecure and not good at asserting myself PLEASE CAN I GET THE LETTER BACK AND FIND ANOTHER DOCTOR OR IS IT HERS NOW?
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This doctor is probably concerned that your taking high dosages of 2 very addictive drugs.  Maybe it's not such a bad thing that she's lowering your dosage.
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I agree. It doesn't matter what a patient has been prescribed by another physician. You have transferred your care to a new physician who is obligated to evaluate you and make recommendations. Your letter is of absolutely no value. The fact that you can show the prescribed medicine bottles tells the new physician what you were taking. It is not merely an order for another physician to robotically write the same prescription. It is all too common that patients have been inappropriately given controlled substances and merely increased each time they complain whether or not it was the correct thing to do. A recent study showed that 72% of antidepressant prescriptions written in the US are by physicians with absolutely no training in psychiatry.
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