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Have you ever passed a stone that did not show on x-ray or Cat scan

Last year I went to the ER doubled over with pain and after a CT Scan was told I have no stones in the ureter even though I hurt low down and on the side.(I have too many to count in my kidneys) I was told it was my Psoas muscle, not a stone. I was in terrible pain until 2 days later I passed a stone that was 3mm long and only 1mm wide. My Psoas muscle "healed" simultaneously! LOL

Have you ever been sure you were passing a stone, and the tests don't show anything and you later passed a visible stone?
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Oh YEAH!!  Had an IVP on a Thur. this year in April and passed a 4mmx2mm chunk of something the following Tue.  though stones can be the same way, the lab report said not a stone but unknown cellular material... since we know that it came out of me, we believe it was a piece of biofilm material!  My URO however before the lab said that the test just are not 100%...., real reassuring when your in pain and no one believes you...,

hey, i still have no pm from you i think it must have gotten stuck????

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I have passed mucous that has acted like a stone and presented with the same pain ... and, for all we know or don't know, it may have contained small gravel within the part that passed too small to show up.  

Last ER visit for me was last year for a very bad UTI (urine was like coca cola or bright red) and the Docs asked me what profession I was in cause I knew so much ... ok .. . yeah, uh huh?  They released me.  The next day my own Dr was apalled no CT Scan so they did one and it showed a tiny 1.0mm in the lower pelvis area and guess what that stone was attached for about 10days and finally moved on .. and so did my pain!!!

Of course, the other thing is that some stones are transparante. (the uric acid ones) ..

Great ?

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I haven't passed one but I have been in pain for the last 6 months or so. Kidney pain, blood in my urine... and I felt something move from my kidney to my bladder but never passed anything. Normal CT scans as well. I have a urologist apt in a month...
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Look at the information I have written on this board about biofilm infections.

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i feel so much better knowing i'm not the only one in this boat of pain. i hate it when the e.r. doctor's tell me know stone, no pain. yea right!!!  thank's again for the post's!!
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Oh yes, I had a consultation with my dr and an Xray of abdomen whilst in agony. I knew there was a stone. Dr told me again and again there was no stone. Hey presto the next day I passed a stone. I really wish the medical profession would start listening to us and the bodies we know so well. X
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