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Msk symptoms

Hi all! So glad to have found this website, I thought I was alone in this battle. I am 22 and one year ago was FINALLY diagnosed with a right msk and a left pelvic kidney. Ever since I was 18 I knew I was having kidney stone pain. Tons of X-rays done and the drs told me no stones, yet the next day I passed a 6mm stone and have been passing small stones almost every other day. There are weeks that go by where everything feels good but there are also weeks and months where I have sharp pains in my kidney with msk. I thought I was crazy because drs have been telling me that pain is not a symptom of msk. I now see that I am not crazy and it is something that many with msk suffer with. Just wondering if anyone has felt heaviness or swelling in the location of the kidney with msk?  Also, I feel lightheaded at times and just plain tired - was wondering if anyone else experienced this before? I feel as if it is linked to my kidney issues.  One last thing, I experience extreme leg pain and I mean extreme. ESP if I am on my feet a lot during the day. Can anyone relate to leg pain and if so, do you know the cause?  Well I am glad to meet all of you and wish you all luck as we battle this disease!
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I personally don't experience the feeling of swelling but I have heard others on the facebook msk page describe something similar. Kidney pain can radiate to other parts of the body. My pain radiates up my jaw behind my ear. Maybe your pain radiates down your leg?  Please read the health pages listed on the 3rd column of this page. You will learn a lot.
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Also, you may want to have your Vitamin D checked if your doctor agrees to take a look at that lab.


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