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So, I am on Stone #3 with #4 on it's way .. since 11/21 .. not having fun

And this is new for me .. I have never had repeat stones back to back like this .. Am really just hoping this is isolated and maybe, just maybe, it was a big stone that broke up and these are residual pieces (similar to lithotripsy au natural LOL!)

11/21  - 4.0 mm
12/8    - 2.0 mm
12/12  - 2.0 mm

And there's more ...

The worst part -- as with many of us .. my ultrasound said no stones on 11/21 .. yeah right.

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I'm so sorry you are going through this. I have had a few back to back stones, and it is frustrating to say the least!  You know your body better than anyone else and I know what it's like to know something is wrong but nothing shows up on the tests they do. I hope you feel better soon.
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Hope you are doing okay too. THANKS so much for your response.  It was a shame this happened for over a month right during Thanksgiving forward, but as of the past week I am feeling much better and my appt today showed normal urinalysis so they sent it out for culture.  I had a nasty UTI and 3 round of antibiotics finally cleared it up I hope.  No microhematuria showed up today either so my Uro was happy it was the stones.  Geez, such happiness LOL *not*

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