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id like to know if you can have a home birth with msk?

my midwife is sending me to a kidney specialist because she doesnt know anything about msk and im hoping it doesn't ruin my birth plans has anyone had any complications durning pregnancy or child birth with msk?
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I had natural births with both mine with no complications. MSK didn't even come up.

You may want to keep an eye out for utis post partum though as childbirth is a time you'll be more susceptible to getting one. The feverishness and tiredness can be missed, mistaken for or masked by other things such as mastitis or gyno related infections drs generally look for first in new mothers. Blood in the urine sample would be presumed to be cross contamination vaginal blood from the birth rather than in the urine itself, utis can even be mistaken for post partum depression due to the cognitive symptoms people sometimes get with them.
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I have MSK and during two of my three pregnancies I had so many UTIs that I went into early labor.  So please keep a very close eye on things.
Same for me --- I had early labor from an undiagnosed UTI --- all the lab tests were negative for bacteria, but I had one!  After they put me on a strong antibiotic she held on to term.  This was 20 yrs ago .... not much was known about MSK
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