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night sweats

Does anyone on here suffer really badly from nightsweats?
I when I wake up in the morning soaking with sweat and think it must have something to do with the MSK.
Also my doc has started giving me an antibiotic called NITROFURANTOIN (100 MG 4 times a day for 14 days) for my latest infection and I feel worse after completing the course even though my gp says my urine sample a lot better.Does anyone know anything about this antibiotic or have they taken it?
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It is a good standard urinary antibiotic but may not be effective on yoru bacteria.  You may need a different one even if your sample is clear,  We get low level chronic of biofilm infecitons that do not show on standard tests, cultures or UA's but can still make you sick, night sweats, pain nausea etc.
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Thanks Shelly
I will see the doc as soon as possible and bring this up.
I am not at the urologist until may and cant wait till then.
thanks again xx
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Yes I have horrible night sweats. I have for over a year now. I've had so much lab work. FLH are normal. Although I do have a very low WBC count. I'm going to see my pcp next week. My husband hates the night sweats. I saturate the sheets.
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Yes I have horrible night sweats I wake up almost every morning soaking wet with sweat!
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I also get night sweats. Which until seeing this site, I had put under menopausal symptoms. Perhaps it's my MSK.
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